How you act before a situation similar to The Division? The UME tells us

How you act before a similar situation to The Division? The UME tells us

The Military Emergency Unit teaches us how to act in a situation like the one given in The Division. To serve.

The Division is a fiction. A real fiction that part of the concept that covers the complete works of Tom Clancy : take a true story , something tangible and palpable and overexpose it into a fiction plausible enough to be a dystopian mirror of society whose majority of must be real to maintain the fiction . The Division is no stranger to this process, as work is also under the umbrella of Clancy, exploits verosimitud reality to fiction.

An epidemic, a pandemic. Chaos, to modern society. They are easily plausible concepts within Clancy’s fiction, making it more interesting see where it comes from this fiction. What is real, what are the elements that give consistency to which it is destined to be one of the most important titles in 2016 and the next IP reference for Ubisoft , that they were based on documents and statements of experts to give greater sense of reality:

“the study of the Division spoke with advisors exagentes CIA, army, survival experts and doctors to get realistic scenarios. We wanted to continue that work and we have approached the UME and experts in this field in Spain to know what you think of The Division and what would happen in our country if a similar situation that players face in the were given game. “- Elena Ruiz, Brand Manager of the Division for Ubisoft Spain

on the occasion of the presentation of the game, Ubisoft, in collaboration with the Military Emergency Unit of the Spanish army told us that part of some, or at least, what parallels there between what we see in the Division and the Real life l. As you told us Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Javier Armada of the UME, the unit that sends would be the closest thing in real life agents The Division, saving for long distances: those who will face the threat of a biological attack , from analysis to the treatment of the area, victims and procedures to mitigate the same, as well pointed Bernardo Buesa, specialist Critical Infrastructure Protection.

“While the Division presents a situation with real base that could occur in a modern society, we now have sufficient means to minimize the consequences of a smallpox epidemic and not reach a stage of total collapse “.


through the presentation and subsequent drill, showed the parallels of the game universe with reality. The Dark Zone, the most dangerous of the game and focus of infection area, also has its share of reality “Hot Zone” as well call it the UME and procedures, but yes, in real life there are no bandits and certainly more than 6000 agents do not shoot each other while the evacuation arrives.

the most interesting no doubt this visit to the UME is that we could attend firsthand a mock biological attack, some contaminated notes with a virus as in video game, in which the UME explained step by step procedure of analysis and action: from the analysis procedure with a specialized robot and prepared to enter high-risk areas or contaminated to the posterior team analyzing the sample and leads to a laboratory on the tremendously advanced terrain that is capable of giving results of samples in less than 4 hours.

During this simulation biohazard, the team of experts from the UME, which would be those who would act to strengthen civil services when they were unable to cope with a similar emergency situation to which, for example, is presented in the game .

 Military Emergency Unit

Military Emergency Unit

for a similar situation that occurs in the Division in the operating prepared by the UME, but obviously very diluted compared to a real situation, the first step, once detected the threat and alerted the Military Emergency Unit, a robot prepared to take samples and make smears is the first step before the arrival of operators: robot, controlled by a member of the UME, analyzes the environment, makes a swab sample to send to the laboratory , with environmental data taken, the team of specialists biohazards EMU moves to place to make an examination of the area, risk and contaminated material to be sent to the lab fast action discussed above.

once the sample is taken and analyzed the environment, it is time to evacuate the hot zone or zero, and decontaminate all personnel, vehicles, people or civil or devices that have been in contact with biological or chemical agent, all through a process that will avoid other people or objects contamination and for the Emergency Military Unit has prepared a contingency plan and deployment.

Bridging the gap, in case a situation similar danger was given, the UME would be responsible to control the situation if a virus is expand in our city and caused the collapse of the services we use every day, as this regiment would be responsible to react to a similar situation that raises the game to restore order, energy, transport, communications and hospitals if local and regional forces could not control the situation.

the Division, which is now available PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC , the player is placed in a New York devastated by a deadly virus, in which he plays one of the tactical and independent agents Division, which are activated to restore order in the city.


How you act before a situation similar to The Division? The UME tells us
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March 8, 2016

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