How you became ‘Apalabrados’ or the ‘Candy Crush’? Discover five other addictive free games for mobile

From time to time like to discover new games for mobile.

The options are almost endless, so that it is inevitable to be guided by lists and recommendations.

If your recent downloads were Angry Brids, Apalabrados or Candy Crush and you feel that you’re not very up to date, here are five games that are free, available both in Google Play and in the App Store, with addictive potential.

Two notes, prior to exposing the key of these games (popular as reflected in the ratings and the number of downloads): the list is printed without being ranking and apps are free, although within include ads, and suggest purchases.

The grace of not a few of the games lies in its particularity and its addictive nature, conjunction present in Head Ball 2, focused on football games, one-on-one between characters designs crazy that they have only one foot and a huge head. Do the objectives? Win games, tune to our player and get accessories, to raise level, to enhance their special abilities, unlock stadiums…

do You love anime, adventure, and role? Then you should download The Seven Deadly Sins. Grand Cross. The proposal, quite elaborate and striking, notable for the level animation interspersed to discover the story (a princess looking to save her kingdom) and by the detail of the battles are based on the cards with available skills. It is based on a series that can be seen on Netflix. One aspect that might bother you: the exaggerated hipersexualización of the female characters.

The games to exercise your mind never come wrong, even though they have the contraindication of which then can not leave the game until you finally exceed that level in which you are stuck, at which point one wonders why he had not repaired before the solution. One of them is Brain Test, care about design and focused on solving puzzles, misleading. Do you paste it? The publicity round and that will appear as an option in a number of ways.

Enjoy a leisure time with Mario, the icon of Nintendo, exudes classic charm, as much as the racing of cars with sympathetic characters. Mario Kart Tour invites us to enter in a loop and lose track of the time between circuits inspired in different cities. As is already known, the objects that pillemos by the way, will help us to overcome our rivals (and to impose, of course). Required to make an account Nintendo.

If you are looking for a game with that release everyday tensions, an option could very well be Slap Kings, which focused on battles of dethroned. Basic as a few, the goal is to overcome rounds and knock down and throw flying at the opponent before falling collapsed. In the process, earn health points and force of beating. Hooked, but an important caveat: the advertising that emerges between games is a hassle, and not always can be removed.

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How you became ‘Apalabrados’ or the ‘Candy Crush’? Discover five other addictive free games for mobile
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March 9, 2020

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