HTC Desire 500: Review and user experience

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During the past year, HTC has done a great job with their latest handsets in terms of design, construction and use of “premium” as aluminum materials is proof that the result had the One family, with the original One ( review ), the Mini ( more info ) and Max ( review ). However, the Taiwanese manufacturer knows that low and medium range of devices is also very important and has a big piece of the pie that is the market. To continue through hole in it, HTC has introduced two new handsets and are embedded in their Desire range are Desire and Desire 500 601 . In this post we will refer to them first, with a few minor specifications but with a decent performance in daily use.


HTC Desire 500 could be in the principle of the average range Terminal. Features quad-core processor , which initially might sound “powerful” but in reality it is the Snapdragon 200 , the lowest range of the latest Qualcomm introduced . Eye, does not mean it’s bad, far from it, is a CPU that runs 1’2Ghz and has an Adreno 203 graphics chip , which together with 1GB RAM memory make a more than sufficient to move freely and quickly on any typical application (provided they are not games or apps that need high resources). It has an internal memory of 4GB , quite low if you consider that between Android and Sense 5.0 layer eat a good piece, although it has microSD slot with which expand to 64GB. Outside there is a TFT screen of 4.3 inches with a resolution WVGA (480 × 800) and 217 ppi. Includes 28mm f/2.0 8MP camera with LED flash , which surprised on a device in this range and all powered by a 1800mAh battery. These are the complete technical specifications:

  • 4.3 WVGA TFT pulgadas480X800 (217ppi)
  • dir=”ltr”> Snapdragon Processor Quad-core 200 to 1, 2GHz

  • 1GB RAM
  • Internal storage: 4 GB / Micro SD slot (up to 64GB)

  • F/2.0 8 MP rear camera with LED / Front 1.6 MP flash
  • Android 4.1.2 HTC Sense 5.0 + layer

  • sound Beats Audio Technology
  • dir=”ltr”> Weight and dimensions: 123 g / 131.8 x 66.9 x 9.9 mm

  • Networks 2G / 2.5G – GSM / GPRS / EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 3G – UMTS / HSPA: 900/1900/2100 MHz HSPA + up to 7.2 Mbps
  • MicroSIM card

  • 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, DLNA
  • Battery 1800 mAh

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design and materials

As mid-range phone and to contain the price, HTC has chosen not to use aluminum Desire in the 500, instead we found a totally plastic body in our case white, completely surrounded by a red border , a game with other details such as the finish the camera lens. It’s plastic, yes, but rather quality is not rugged, but totally brilliant and a bit slippery . Overall a nice phone and very light (123 grams), only to find physical buttons are the power button, which is on the top left and the volume they are on the right side, integrated way rather peculiar red border before commenting, a very good detail, although it is sometimes difficult to find them.

HTC Desire review eal 500 09 HTC Desire review eal 500 10

On the front there is a beveled glass plate under which we find the front camera, proximity sensor and light, an LED notification , the 4.3 inch screen and capacitive buttons only two that is only including HTC on their handsets, Back and Home. Unlike the One and Desire 601 family (soon discuss), the Desire 500 does not include sound system BoomSound HTC with dual speaker, in it, the speaker grill is at the bottom the rear, under the logo Beats Audio . WHILE the wide upper front grille is the handset. All of the phone is white which can be removed to access the microSIM card , microSD and 1800mAh removable battery.

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As mentioned, the HTC Desire 500 mounts a 4.3-inch screen , a sufficient size to enjoy any content comfortably, but yes, the is a fair bit resolution . With only 480 × 800 pixel density drops to 217ppi, so if we approach it sufiente find images, videos and texts pixelated, but nothing to worry about, when used at a “normal” distance, it looks great. As I happened to other HTC Desire screen 500 also surprised me by its high level of brightness , much higher than most similar devices and allows use phone perfectly outdoors . Meanwhile, the contrast and colors shown are quite natural, nothing to write that has not been seen in other HTC.

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camera HTC Desire surprises 500 from the first moment we see their characteristics. It has not been included Ultrapixel technology and the One, but riding a 8MP sensor and f/2.0 aperture , which is quite difficult to see in terminals similar features and price. In general, with good lighting conditions, the camera performs very well, giving a more than decent results. The approach shot is very fast . In contrast, when light falls the results are a bit worse than we could expect to see the opening of 2.0, but not the phone we are analyzing forget. Overall, the camera sorprende.Por course, is also capable of capturing video but is limited to 720p quality .

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again and as in other HTC phones is the camera software . The application allows many adjustments and effects when taking photos. has preset scenes, night mode, HDR, Panoramic, Anti-shake, burst, video and photos simultaneously and other photo options ISO setting, balance, exposure, and a few effects applied live before taking the picture. All this and it gives good results camera , make very balanced.

 desire camera app 500

Here are some sample photos made with the HTC Desire 500 (you can download them at full resolution in this link ):

 2013 -11-23 18.45.36  2013 12/09/46 -11 to 20  2013 -11-23 17.36.15  2013 -11-23 18.44.43

 2013 -11-23 18.47.03  2013 -11-24 09.54.41  2013 -11-24 09.55.27  2013 -11-24 09.56.07

Software, user experience and performance

The HTC Desire comes with 500 version 4.1.2 Android Jelly Bean , something I do not understand too much when it is a terminal very Newlyweds, features and specifications of spare hit the market along with the Desire 601, carrying 4.2.2. The system is designed by the well known HTC Sense layer , version 5.0 , one notch below the current 5.5, but also focuses all his attention on the BlinkFeed , the infinite feed located on the first desks and showing cascading news and events highlights the many sources that we can choose, including social networks. Incidentally, the BlinkFeed not be disabled, though Sense 5.5 have included the option.

Overall Sense 5.0 gives the whole system a sober touch that I like, not slow at all phone and adds adds some useful features, such as energy saving mode, how to customize desktops or redesigning Settings. Something miss is greater utility in the area of ​​notifications because it does not have any quick access to settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc, and to activate them you must always go to Settings.

 htc desire 500 caps

In general daily use of HTC Desire is very satisfying 500 , it’s manageable, not too big and light, so transport is not a problem. What has happened to me on many occasions is that I usually grab the phone upside down, I guess because of the shape and design of the front, where the largest plastic edge is up. As I said before, sometimes hard to find the buttons integrated into the design volume. With normal use social networking, instant messaging, and read news feeds, and web browsing everything flows pretty well , with little lag, or at least a few seconds when continuously jump between applications. In terms of performance in games, Snapdragon and 200 gig of RAM can make enjoy without problems , and those that are more demanding, choosing a lower level of detail can also be played. The inclusion of Beats Audio technology , which if I remember correctly should be the last phone take only applies wearing headphones, and the sound that comes out of the rear grille is most times lid easily by hand or resting it on a surface.

For lovers test performance or benchmarks , here are the results AnTuTu and Vellamo . As you can see, the HTC Desire 500 score is above the Galaxy S2, but as always repeat, are just numbers and do not correspond to the user experience:

benchmark desire 500


capacity battery Desire is 500 1800 mAh and with normal use as I’ve said before messaging, social networking and navigation can be reached end of the day, but very fair. As it is put to a slightly more intensive use or play a little, the battery drops very fast. I also noticed that spending idle is quite high , not is whether it will be by the problem has been with Google Services or the terminal is not well optimized, but opted for the latter, because I’ve used both the 601 and One Desire Max output at rest and was very good. Here are some screenshots with consumption statistics.

 HTC Desire review eal 500 11

By the way, although the Energy Saver icon appears in the notification bar at all, so wherein the processor speed, reduces shine and others, I have not used at any time, I’ve disabled from settings but the icon still appears fixed.

0caps desire battery 500  desire battery caps 500


Overall Desire HTC 500 is a well balanced phone and suitable for all kinds of people who do not need the latest market but want to use all applications smoothly. The camera is good, as well as system performance. The design looks nice to me and is very manageable, although this is a matter of taste.

However, the battery life is fair and will be necessary to load it at noon on occasion. Moreover, the internal storage is one of the worst points , with only 4GB will see as we ran out of space as are some pictures, videos and applications are installed, as it only take Android and Sense almost 3GB, so it is mandatory to use a microSD card to expand capacity.

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In conclusion, Desire terminal 500 is a good price for having, about € 279 free in Spain , yet has left him a tough opponent to fight directly against him and many other mid-range phones, and is the Motorola Moto G (you have our ), which from 179 € will put the midrange upside down with their technical specifications

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HTC Desire 500: Review and user experience
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