HTC One A9 and has price and release date in Spain

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Sometimes it is difficult to understand the movements of some of the major manufacturers, but the truth is that we all applauded the reversal of HTC when they presented their new HTC One A9 a more balanced device to fire the public that wants a good smartphone to price more content .

However, it seems that we have bad news from the Taiwanese manufacturer, and do not say the undoubted quality of manufacture of A9 One, but by the hefty price HTC just confirmed to us its launch

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Since we confirm your HTC smartphone aimed at the midrange premium arrives in Spain on December 1 officially, just in time for the Christmas season but with negative surprise, a recommended 699 euros Price which is far from his real competition in the market.

Of course, the Taiwanese firm has arranged in collaboration with El Corte Ingles a period of open since last November 1st reserves, and that will allow us advance acquire the HTC One A9 with a sensible reduction of 28% .

This leaves us the price movement in the $ 499 if booked before the 1st of December in the famous chain of hypermarkets, a cost something right about his chances, but still quite far from what is expected if we look at what the market offers similar performance levels.

HTC strikes again negatively with the price of a HTC One A9 I had left a good taste, keeping good lines construction HTC but seeking a reduction in benefits has not been finally resulted in the selling price

Another chance lost …

If you see again the video analysis we could Give you the new mid-range smartphone and finishes premium HTC, or even if you turn to read our análisis thoroughly see that really feelings we left the HTC One A9 were satisfactory .

In any case, as hablábamos when compared to the rest of the market his chances of becoming the best seller that the Taiwanese firm seeks long is stuck to a single parameter, its price.

HTC has never stood out for getting attractive prices for its smartphones, but is that in this case the gap is too accentuated if we look at what the competition offers, for example A Honor 7 closer to the high end and is now available for weeks at half the money.

True, building HTC is arguably the best in metal chassis unibody, but today you need to offer something more to differentiate at an average range of the most competitive, especially if you want to justified your smartphone is more expensive that rivals some even higher performance.

With all this inevitably sounds like another missed opportunity by HTC … or is it?

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HTC One A9 and has price and release date in Spain
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November 15, 2015

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