Huawei sold in two months, 200,000 units of its mobile folding Matte X

An average of 100,000 mobile phones per month in the chinese market. The Matte X, the smartphone folding Huawei it went on sale in the asian giant last November and to date it has sold 200,000 units, as has been transcended in various media and agencies.These data raises the question of the user if in the end the eye-catching model will come to other places, which depends on the extent of the networks 5G, which is coupled to the conditioning that comes without the Google services due to the u.s. blockade.The Matte X has as main feature a 8-inch screen to be deployed and, when closed, a of 6.6 inches and another of 6,38 inches. It has a processor Kirin 980, three cameras in the rear (the main is 40 MP), configuration of 8 GB of RAM + 512 GB of internal storage and a battery of 4500 mAh (quick charge of 55 W).The model cost 16.669 yuan, around 2,120 euros at the exchange, a considerable price.The tour’s commercial Mate X leads to compare it with the default achieved by the proposal from Samsung, which has sold worldwide between 400,000 and half a million units of the Galaxy Fold, a figure that contrasts with the data that had been provided before alluding to one million units.Released in October, the Galaxy Fold, whose emergence is also delayed in his time more than expected, is characterized by a full screen 7.3 inch, a high of 4.6 inches and a system of six cameras (three of them rear). With a storage of 512 GB, the price is 2,020 euros.
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Huawei sold in two months, 200,000 units of its mobile folding Matte X
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January 15, 2020

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