Huawei will abandon the low-end to focus on the smartphones premium, according to its CEO

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Huawei, in its infancy, was like any other chinese manufacturer of smartphones, that went out by a mobile low-end at a competitive price, but didn’t take long to differentiate for, home, sell in the international market. Shortly after we got in the car of the high-end, yes, committing to an own processor to not rely on Qualcomm.

The chinese manufacturer has evolved to be among the largest in the smartphone market with some very interesting proposals, which consist of some good specs and a competitive price. However, it seems that Huawei is poised to make a major change that will affect you: let go of the low-range.

The CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, who has already made a statement about the future Matt 10, has said that they will abandon the market of the range of input because the benefits are so low that it is no longer sustainable spend some time and effort to this type of phones. In its place, according to the executive of the chinese manufacturer, will focus on premium products and in markets such as the european, chinese and japanese.

Huawei joins Sony in the abandonment of the low-range due to lack of profitability, now it only remains to know if someone more will join them in a more or less near future.

This should not pillarnos by surprise, since not too long ago Sony said that they would stop next to the input range for focus on the family Xperia XZ and XA, which would apply to the mid-range, mid-high and high. And possibly we should not rule out this to happen with more and more manufacturers in the future in the short or medium term.

Perhaps this is a sign that the low range is not as cost-effective, at least among the manufacturers of first level, and that people prefer to spend around 250 euros at a mid-range that will last a couple of years (or more) before you invest half in a mobile that as that install apps is going to become too slow.

there are Still manufacturers able to offer a range of input of good quality, as Lenovo with their Bike more humble or Xiaomi, and possibly they will follow them compensating to continue manufacturing this kind of phones (especially if they maintain competitive prices). Do you think that the fate of the low-end is to disappear or there will always be interesting offers in this segment?

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Huawei will abandon the low-end to focus on the smartphones premium, according to its CEO
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July 28, 2017