Hulu gets ‘Chance’, the drama starring Hugh Laurie


The name Hugh Laurie was associated for many years Gregory House, the character he played for eight seasons in the hit Fox series. From la End of ‘House’ in 2012, Laurie had taken a break from the small screen which concluded a few months ago with their participation in The fourth season of ‘Veep’ . In short we can see with Tom Hiddleston in la promising miniseries ‘The Night Manager’ and now just announced that Hulu is left with ‘Chance’, a new drama that he will star .

Laurie construed Eldon series Chance, a forensic neuropsychiatrist who begins a torrid affair with a femme fatale who suffers from a personality disorder Multiple . As if that were not enough trouble, Chance will soon discover that your ex-husband is a dangerous homicide detective. It does not sound bad, but the important thing in these cases is always striking how to develop their starting point.

In addition, Hulu has shown great confidence in the series to give the green light immediately to two seasons for a total of 20 episodes . It is expected that the first release in 2016, but the channel has not ventured to put even an approximate date for this adaptation of the novel by Kem Nunn.

It is also known as Alexandra Cunningham , known for his involvement in series such as “Mujeres Desperate ‘,’ Prime Suspect ‘or’ Aquarius’, will serve as showrunner , while director Lenny Abrahamson , whose prestige has increased greatly in recent times thanks to his film ‘ Room ‘ No you will be surprised that it is a of the major contenders for the next Oscar, held several episodes , but the exact number is still unknown

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Tele Go! | Hugh Laurie returns to television to star in ‘The Night Manager’ with Tom Hiddleston

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Hulu gets ‘Chance’, the drama starring Hugh Laurie
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January 7, 2016

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