‘I am alive’ is back with force in a season 3 that preserves all the charm of the series

'I Am alive' is back with force in a season 3 that preserves all the charm of the series

It has been done to beg, but the wait to see the third season of ‘I Am alive’ comes to an end today 26 September. It does so with the promise of a mule the big one that is going to shake the foundations of the series, something much easier said than done, but it is fair to recognize a very risky move in this first episode of today’s issues 1.

The touch of manners had always been essential in a series that mixed genres, with great agility, but in the end it was the dynamic that was established between the characters that served as the axis that held everything else. It is still early to assess the surprising decision taken by their leaders, but by now he has maintained all of its strengths.

I tried at all costs to avoid the spoilers from here, but you might not want to continue reading before watching the first episode of season 3.

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I Am Alive Season 3

happiness is something that you don’t usually last too long in ‘I Am alive’ -or almost any other series with a strong dramatic element, so it is inevitable to see the first few minutes of this season 3 -which starts consecutively to the outcome of the second– as a vanguard to the presentation of the threat that is coming. There would be No series without conflict and ‘I Am alive’ decides to take it to the limit of its protagonists as emotionally.

The own public body has stressed that the season is starting with a a shocking accident, so that one already smell where you could go to the shots as soon as it begins to see the episode. It doesn’t take strength to a powerful twist that represents a devastating blow to the main characters of ‘I Am alive’ but that it we will soon discover that it is posed in such a way to change everything without changing too much in reality.

once you have done that, ‘I Am alive’ takes a while to get a new start taking advantage of your component of science-fiction and it is then when you boot really this season 3. Yes, the first episode does not cease to be a small appetizer on the latest trends, both of which are postulated to be the great villain of this batch of episodes as the arrival of new characters to the police station.

Keeps your virtues

Jan Cornet I Am Alive

Daniel Écija, creator of the series, is aware that there is that saturate this start to the season with too many changes that do not affect directly to the core of the series. There is essential contribution of Jesus Castejon as Sebas, always willing to put a note of humor even in situations that are outside the norm. That aspect of manners to which he alluded before is suffer a lot without him.

beyond that you introduce several characters, it is clear that will be important in later episodes, but for now only receive minimal details about them. Probably for the best, because everything points to that first contact is going to be much less important to know what that looks like, though that does not mean that the case of a presentation understated which fits well with the new adventure of Iago and Marquez.

In parallel yes you see the one that is presumed as a great villain of this season 3, but for now everything seems disconnected to each other. It will be there where the skills like police Márquez are essential to go by connecting it all little by little. In the end, if we get all munched in the first episode, the component of mystery disappears. By now I played call of our curiosity and good insurance that you get.

In summary

Beyond the initial shock, ‘I Am alive’ is still playing with the same ingredients that you have enabled us to have a sufficient number of faithful and to come to this third season. Will have to see if the tough competition of ‘Big Brother VIP’ does not do too much damage, but to this day has not given any reason to stop watching it if you enjoyed the previous two installments and in addition has caused a feeling of curiosity unpublished until now.

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‘I am alive’ is back with force in a season 3 that preserves all the charm of the series
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September 26, 2019

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