I forget about Google Assistant! As well you can use Alexa to your mobile


In regards to the virtual assistants, there is never anything in writing, and is that in reality, each manufacturer has their own, although, of course, the más known in Android are Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Google has advantage, as pre-installs its wizard in a large number of devices, unless it is replaced by the manufacturer, as happens in the case of Bixby on m’vile, of the compa&bath;’on south korea, Samsung.

But as any good software, there is a margin that allows you to edit it or change it for another of our choice. For this case,  Alexa is a wizard as powerful as Google Assistant, and there are few users who have tried it once. There is not a consensus, anánime to ensure cuál is the better, so it is best that each user to try and decide for one.


Steps to use Alexa in any Android terminal

If you want to change Google Assistant by Amazon Alexa in a teléfono Android in the first place will haveás to download an app from Google Play. This has a weight of about 90 megawatts, and currently has a valoraci’n of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Aquí we’ll leave you the link for download.

Amazon Alexa (Free, Google Play) →

once you’ve installed the application’n, will haveás to tell your teléfono m’vile that the Virtual Assistant by default changed’. To do this, dir,’people in the pull down menu; to Settings and here’n you select Applications. When estés inside, click on default Applications and watchás a sub-pull down menu; to Application’n Care. It is hereí where you will haveás to do the modifications to’n to change the wizard of Google by Amazon Alexa, or other that you installed as an alternative.

Así, couldás to get the máximo Alexa in your m’vil

once you’ve selected the new software, you couldás activate it whenever you need and if you let down the bot’re Home. You can already use the functions in the wizard of Amazon, as to ask for m&number;sica, make a shopping list, and many más options to goás discovering.

you Must bear in mind that this application’n makes sense when it forms part of the ecosystem of Amazon. For example, if you are a Amazon Prime or you have one of their Premium services, like Amazon Music. Although it is best if you have other devices that have Alexa-integrated, because you couldás to automate various aspects of your home.


I forget about Google Assistant! As well you can use Alexa to your mobile
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