“I have a deep sadness”: Daniel Day-Lewis speaks for the first time on its withdrawal of the interpretation

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We are many lovers of the seventh art in general —and the performances brilliant in particular— that we take the hands to the head, and we deeply regret the statement in which, last June, Daniel Day-Lewis announced its withdrawal final once you complete the filming of ‘The invisible thread’, his last collaboration with the director Paul Thomas Anderson.

so far, the actor three-times academy award winner for his roles in ‘My left foot’ —Jim Sheridan, 1989—, ‘Wells of ambition’ —’There Will Be Blood’, Paul Thomas Anderson, 2017— and ‘Lincoln’ —Steven Spielberg, 2012— had not ruled on his decision and the effects that this had had on his life. Today, thanks to an interview designed to W Magazine, ahondamos in the mind and sensations that you are experiencing this master of interpretation.

Although he considered retiring on numerous occasions in the past, which motivated the long periods of time elapsed between paper and paper, this definitive abandonment of his career as a actor has thrown at Daniel Day-Lewis in a deep sadness, which appeared after the completion of filming of ‘The invisible thread’.

“Before making the film I did not know that he was going to quit acting. I know that Paul and I laughed a lot before making the film. After we stop laughing because we were both overwhelmed by a feeling of sadness. Caught us by surprise: we were not aware of what we have given to light. It was difficult to live with it, and it still is”.

“I haven’t figured out, but it is ingrained in me, and is just there. Not wanting to see the film is connected with the decision I made to stop working as an actor. But that is not the reason for the sadness came to stay. That appeared during the process of narration of the story, and not exactly how”.

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instead of doing it personally, Daniel Day-Lewis made public the news of his retirement through a statement from his representative; option it took to make a difference with the previous times that he had approached the option of put an end to his career in front of the cameras.

“I Knew that was impersonal to publish a press release, but I wanted to make a limit. Not wanted to be absorbed again by another project. I have not stopped talking in all my life about how I should quit acting and not by what has been different this time, but the urge to stop to take root in me and became a compulsion. It was something that had to do.”

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Despite their strong conviction to stop working as an actor, the process is not being a dish of good taste for a Day-Lewis who claims to be in the throes of an “profound sadness”.

“not Yet. I suffer a deep sadness, and is the correct way in which to feel. It would be very strange that this was just a joyful step towards a new life. I have been interested in acting since I was 12 years old and, by that time, everything that was not the theatre —the one ray of light— I was surrounded by darkness. When I started, it was a matter of salvation. Now I want to explore the world in a different way. I will not know in what direction to go during a season, but I’m not going to stay idle.”

Regardless of what’s going to dedicate the coming years, we will be forever grateful to this giant called Daniel Day-Lewis for all the great moments that has made us pass in front of the big screen and we will give you the farewell that you deserve the next February 2, 2018, the date on which it is released ‘thread in visible’ in the concert halls of spain.

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“I have a deep sadness”: Daniel Day-Lewis speaks for the first time on its withdrawal of the interpretation
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November 28, 2017

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