Identifying the Chinese clones of Android phones

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left;”> They look but they are not nearly the same. One is the latest model of Samsung, the other is a Chinese clone hard and not worth using scammers to try to fool people into thinking it is an original S5 . The visual difference is not noticeable even noticing carefully be difficult to decipher whether or not the original. Something similar happens with every one of the high-end smartphones.

Pay attention to buy a mobile Android segundamano

market second hand exploits this similarity to try deceive buyers with similar devices, but they are not nearly up to the originals. Beyond the technical specifications we discover that it is clone a fake by looking at details.

Touch is different, the screen quality is weak, does not feel as fluid as a top model, the brightness is usually not as high and generally high-end device should not we generated no doubt about its authenticity. Let’s do a little comparison list between recent Android models and their Chinese clones, when you go there to buy them keep watch that are not trying to sell you Chinese clone not want to buy.

And is that if Chinese phones have such bad reputation is not due to the Xiaomi, Oppo or Jiayu, but these copies that have nothing to do with real manufacturers. From here we break a lance for a Chinese mobile differentiate a Chinese clone

Diferéncialos. Goophone Galaxy S5 and S5

 Goophone S5

Goophone is responsible for bring us a copy of S5 . With very similar specifications, but that is far from the level offered by the original. Its price is around 200 € and is not surprising that some scammers try to sell like a S5 imported or used for 500 € , a very juicy price will drop more than one at the breva.

The Original Samsung Galaxy S5 has a screen of 5.1 “1080p, this clone retains the same resolution but has a size of 5 ‘and a much lower quality panel . But unless we stop to analyze the maximum brightness and for a while, will not appreciate the difference at the time of purchase.

Inside instead of a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801 find MediaTek MT6592 , powerful enough to make us believe that going fluid but not at the same height. The original S5 also has a number of features that have not copy; as the fingerprint sensor fingerprint (say it is not yet configured), the heart rate sensor, HDR real-time speed very fast approach and USB 3.0 (dual port).

Diferéncialos: HTC One M8 and M8 Goophone


The HTC One M8 is 90% metal and the weight is evident. The Chinese copy also weigh, but tact should allow differentiation. The original has the balanced weight , while the M8 Goophone no. And attention, because it weighs 382g, yes, more than double the original. Pure metal, hear

Specifications are also quite different. MediaTek MT6592 We have a 1GB RAM and a FULLHD panel. In contrast there is no sign of the Dual Camera , a detail that should allow us to easily differentiate. Sense6 Blinkfeed and also will have all the features in this copy.

Of course, we must be vigilant, because should not be long until we have better clones , with dual camera and a reduced weight. Sexy mobile always generate much attention

Diferéncialos. Feiteng Galaxy S4 and H9504


Not even with photo front would be able to differentiate. The replica is truly amazing, but if you look at its technical specifications is far from the original. Processor Quad-Core 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM, 13MP camera and HD screen quite successful.

The idea is that at the time cost only € 145 and up sheath and box were copies of the original. Be careful with this model, as was precisely one of the most cloned devices and sold innocent buyers wishing to be with the latest Samsung. Many of them think that if it was so cheap is because it would be stolen …

Diferéncialos: Galaxy Note N9006 SM-3 and


Another cloned devices is the Note 3. A high-end terminal as well receives its Chinese copy. This time it is actually a samsung original model for China . It has a metal works minimally spen a FULLHD panel brightness with a much worse and in principle the same battery of 3200mAh. As negative ratings comes with MediaTek processor, 1GB of RAM and has no access to Google Play.

That regardless many features of TouchWiz are not well implemented. A Chinese replicas seems authorized by Samsung itself in China and the only thing that has caused confusion is a thousand different specifications and models of which can not ensure their proper functioning. Note3 The original model is N9005, other models, including including a Exynos processor should be avoided.

General Tips to avoid scams when buying an Android


In general, buy an Android device should have no more problems than the inherent price. However, finding the best deal sailed ten sites just to save a few euros which represent the difference between a good purchase and excessive whim. The quality / price however is very tight, and nobody gives a free lunch.

Common Sense

So the first thing we ask is a little common sense . A Galaxy S4 we will not find a hundred euros, Note3 not find a hundred. We also have to look a little on the history of why sale and when the S5 and M8 just left, selling in less than two weeks is not very common.

false wrap

not trust the original box and invoice. Both are easy to get and do not have to belong to the device you are trying to sell. Often scammers are very friendly and try all methods to convince their veracity. Confidence comes alone.

AnTuTu modified

Another issue are accessories, too many fakes (which as easier to understand even that clone mobile). Nor trust specifications to show programs like AnTuTu, is that even though the program check one thing, the actual outcome may be very different. Even they have come to see AnTuTu marking a Qualcomm chip, when in fact these Chinese clones have a MediaTek.

Serial and seek information

To distinguish nothing better than looking details like serial number, similar but not equal. And if in doubt search the internet for information of this model . Another detail is that these copies do not have the name printed on the cover of the phone, but an important detail that is often overlooked when we have it in hand and it looks so real.

This is briefly what we can tell about a real problem that many people are taking advantage . If our friends and family are aware of this market, they will begin to set aside the purchase of these terminals by very nice and cool they are, or are equally good or generate resources to persons indicated. The best way to combat this is to avoid market buy anything.

If you had a problem or experience with buying mobile Chinese clones, comentádnoslo with all possible information and introduce to continue dealing with this problem.

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Identifying the Chinese clones of Android phones
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April 15, 2014

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