If your battery is eaten Facebook on Android, try this

If your battery Facebook eaten in Android, test with this

Facebook consume your battery and decrease the performance of your terminal? Try some alternatives to Facebook and watch notes improvement.

The story of Facebook on Android is such that I do not normally like to remember because I believe that do more harm than good Platform . There are hundreds of developers launching and supporting quality applications, but curiously one of the most downloaded and used in all types of devices do not have any love in their development. Until 2012 his performance was poor, until they released the native version of the application. After that, always recommend uninstall , the memory consumed (70 MB being closed in my old Moto G, plus another 70 of Messenger), the way decrease system performance , and above all, consuming battery without the user noticing. I offer several alternatives to Facebook.

Facebook Lite

 Facebook Lite

Knowing all problems caused mainly applied in feature phones and low in January, Facebook decided to launch Facebook Lite, a smaller version in size (the first version took up only 250 KB), consumption data and graphic load, so performance is very good wherever we install . We save a lot of battery in the background, and continue to receive notifications. I am aware that delivers what it promises, but maybe it could be a little better adapt to changing times with a more refined style, because currently seems the web version for which sailed in Symbian. Nevertheless, it is the version I have been using in recent weeks, and it will be because it has integrated chat, without installing Facebook Messenger .

You can download here and here .


As it sounds. It’s what I usually recommend people. Most browsers have the ability to bookmark or shortcut to the desktop, and some even the option of running these markers full screen. Open the website Facebook, add it, and from now on enter from there. The interface is quite similar to that of the official application, but obviously you lose notifications and advantages of being a native application for performance. I think that despite the drawbacks, if you’re not a heavy user active in Facebook, you can go well with this option.

Tinfoil for Facebook


This is web version embedded in the application , but this adds interesting things. For example, if our system is Android 5.0 Lollipop, the bar turns blue, giving a touch more material to the subject. Besides that, if slid from the right (side swipe), we get shortcuts that lead to each section of Facebook. Another button to jump to the top, automatically leads to the top of the wall, which are not in default Android. also receive notifications , but adjustments will find more options than the website itself gives

Limiting consumption of the application Official

 With Amplify may limit the time that Facebook

With Amplify may limit the time that Facebook “wakes up” the terminal.

If you do not convince alternative to Facebook that I have detalladao, there’s more. With applications such as Greenify , Android allows applications hibernate, and despite this, continue to receive notifications (for the latter need root). This got the application does not consume resources in the background, as Greenify is responsible for keeping it at bay. If you have root and installed Xposed access , other applications such as Amplify that control how many times the device wakes X period. With other modules as XPrivacy , we can control access to the location or wake the device, which also reduces much battery consumption. Finally, we can apply a clamp with Power Nap for Xposed .

If you’re interested in reading more on the subject, explained some of the most interesting modules Xposed here


If your battery is eaten Facebook on Android, try this
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May 26, 2015

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