iKnowU: reinventing the Android keyboard predictive

Replacements for our much improved native keyboard have tens in the Play Store. Including the now famous Swype , SwiftKey and the manufacturers we implement. The truth is that we each have our favorite . In our smartphone, and the great use to which it gives to social networks and messaging applications, the virtual keyboard has become a must and an election debated and discussed ad nauseum by our circles. We all have someone that we said: “Download the keyboard X! It is the best “, and it is certainly good, but not suits one . That is why I bring a new concept keyboard.

iKnowU , which means” know you “or” know who you are “, is a keyboard whose strength prediction . This feature does not stop the fact predict the next word to write, but we predicts the entire phrase with impressive speed and accuracy . Such is the impression that has caused me to think that falls short of SwiftKey (am faithful, sorry). The developers have tried to go a step beyond simple word prediction, and it shows. In short sentences, such as “I’m coming” or “call me”, are predicted with ease. The keyboard will be learning from what we go writing. As will become better the longer we use .

In addition, this application will highlight the next word we can write. Something like the native, to get a quick idea. We’ll have some predictions “bright” semitransparent even further facilitate the task. If we pressed the space bar, we can navigate between words Similar to the prediction in the foreground (center). There is also an option to synchronize customizations between devices. This will have the same degree of prediction in all our terminals. A success. Although we find this option to go to the menu and search. Is strangely hidden.

I do not understand why my GalaxyS with CyanogenMod10 (Jelly Bean) not support this keyboard , according to Google Play. If anyone has problems, please discuss it in the comments. iKnowU is free and requires Froyo Android 2.2 or higher to run correctly. In brief version will get a payment $ 1’99 , be attentive.

Download iKnowU grauitamente at Play Store


you think this new keyboard? Have you tried it? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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iKnowU: reinventing the Android keyboard predictive
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December 1, 2012

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