‘I’m a pringada’ will have his own series in Flooxer: “it Is from freaks for freaks”

I Am A Pringada

Flooxer announced at the last Festival of Vitoria, which is preparing a series with the youtuber of the moment, I Am a pringada, alter ego of Esty Quesada. After the success of ‘Paquita Rooms’, the platform Atresmedia again rely on Javis, that this time they are in the role of producers.

I Am a pringada has become famous for their videos lashing out against anything that you can imagine: against mages, against Carlota Corredera, against Mr. Wonderful or against other youtubers, and does so with a style and grace that you have so many fans as detractors.

I Am A Pringada Will have Its Own Series In Flooxer

Among those fans are the already mentioned Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, makers of ‘The call’, the work of theater that takes four years filling the Lara theatre of Madrid at the end of each week. Now they are about to release the movie with the same name and in it have had Esty as one of the girls who attend the camp ‘The compass’.

The series ‘I’m a pringada’ will be written, directed, and starred by her and produced by Globomedia, and according to his own words, “this is from freaks for freaks”. What is clear is that, like it or not, the youtuber does something different than the thousands of challenges absurdities that dominate the platform, has made a content with a brand that is very personal and has been able to monetize.

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‘I’m a pringada’ will have his own series in Flooxer: “it Is from freaks for freaks”
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September 12, 2017

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