Images of the prototype that Motorola did SmartWatch for Google

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A few days ago, in The Free Android talk about Google’s intentions to present a SmartWatch in the next I / O . Rumors and movements we have seen in recent weeks suggest that it will be presented in the next I / O and like the Nexus 4 and 5 could be created South Korean LG .

Another thing that was heard was the fact that Motorola had been building prototypes for Google SmartWatch.

These images confirm that Motorola was working on a SmartWatch to Google

We have images on this prototype Motorola . It appears that never went ahead with the project and this was discarded in favor of a possibly SmartWatch of Google built by LG. According to an anonymous source, we know that this prototype was known as Google Watch , and its codename was “Gem “.

note these images are of a prototype, and not a finished product. The photos are from 2013, and being a prototype are far from what would have been the result if he had finally made a final version, since logically have been many changes in software and hardware.


The prototype is made mostly of rubber, the display is square and the bezel is considerably large, we see a couple of buttons, either physical capacitive. In the configuration screen we see very little information, and no user interface, although being a prototype in such a pristine state is certainly not as important to look at it. It is difficult to draw many conclusions with this catch.

centre;”> nexusae0_image51

Side buttons, that closely resemble typical volume are some signs in relief. It is difficult to draw more information from the picture but if you look carefully, one of the symbols could be a microphone.

left;”> nexusae0_image46

left;”> in the area of ​​the belt, the part at the end of the band that fits holes turns around to hide a USB connector, which would serve to charge the device.

left;”>  nexusae0_image47

left;”> From this prototype has hacho see a picture where all components and elements more clearly and schematically.

left;”> nexusae0_image48

Motorola has already announced at MWC that is working on his own SmartWatch. We do not know whether to continue working on the same prototype. Missing a few months out of doubt regarding the SmartWatch of Google and confirm whether it is working with LG. I will keep reporting

left;”> Source:. AndroidPolice

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Images of the prototype that Motorola did SmartWatch for Google
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February 26, 2014

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