Improved sound quality with our Android Viper4Android


Sound is one aspect that, unfortunately, end up neglecting the time to build or promote an Android device, and ironically is one of the aspects that some people have in mind when looking for your new phone or Android tablet as a heart.

It is also one of the aspects that are most neglected in the operating system, but luckily the developer community has been able to say something about it and present their solution to the problem. ViPER4Android

What’s ViPER4Android


Vipers Audio

For those who do not know the mod, ViPER’s Audio is responsible for improving the sound so that our experience is much better to hear both mobile systems and desktop systems . It was created in China by Euphy Wong (aka ViPER520), and thanks to its co-founder (Jasper Loo – Zhuhang) the mod was taking popularity around the world, from the hand of XDA-Developers. After that I was taking more and more popularity get to where he is now, with versions for Android and Windows.

What has to sound much better audio is a combination of a few systems : enhances bass, clarity, surround sound options include … and specifically in the actual version of Android includes support multiple cores, and supports Android 4.4 x86 KitKat, and all you can see on the image above. But for my taste, the best you can do is try it for yourself, but be careful, because requires that you have root access on the device to work.

How can I

do with the mod?


The project with an official website where you can become with all versions , also a thread on XDA-Developers where they specialize in alternative for Android . Since they have already been cases where it has been tried casting a fake application as true, the best thing you can do is access the official site and download from there . Once you may have downloaded the zip, you just have to unzip the appropriate application to your Android version and install it

And presto:.. If you need anything more, the application itself will notify, in XDA thread have some configuration examples if you do not know how to improve the sound in some ways that has the application and that you can escape. If you have a problem you can go to the official website to solve it (would be too tedious to mention here, can vary from device to device), and can comment on the mod your opinions in the comments.

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Improved sound quality with our Android Viper4Android
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