Improving multitasking Android in a simple and effective way

must for any power-user Android.

Since its inception, one of the fundamental pillars of the Android platform is multitasking. the Google platform allows internally, greater operational applications, regardless of the actions user. This allows, for example, Spotify download new songs from a playlist automatically or Dropbox upload to their servers perform all the photographs instantly.

multitasking Android opens up a world of possibilities However, the power-users are demanding new features aimed at multi-tasking and application management. Some of the most demanded, for example, are floating applications and acceleration of switching between applications , two functions that already incorporate some manufacturers (such as Sony or Samsung) but Google still does not natively implemented in the operating system.

Fortunately, Google Play Store we can find many applications focused on improving multitasking Android . Some of them are focused on improving the fundamentals of the system (the exchange of applications, background processes, etc.), while others provide a completely new solution

a perfect example is found in Last App Switcher , a simple utility that facilitates and enhances the exchange between different applications you have open. When Last App Switcher is active, simply tap on a floating icon, or, if configured previously, slide up Google Now – to return to the previous application. Very useful if, for example, working in a text document and need to frequently look up information in the browser page or in an email.

Operation Switchr recalls the exchange of windows Windows 8 Another of the most popular applications for improved multitasking Android is Switchr. Like (Last App Switcher) Switchr focuses on optimizing and improving the exchange of applications, making it more accessible and convenient. The operation of Switchr is very simple: sliding laterally from the edge of the screen, Switchr allows us to switch between the open applications. Depending on the mode you choose, slide laterally to accede to the above application or, failing that, we were offered a menu of multitasking faster. Operation very similar to lateral sliding from nine version, can be performed in iOS to access the previous application and multitasking menu (using 3D Touch).

Going beyond the exchange of applications in Google Play Store can find two very interesting applications like Side Control and Omni Swipe . Both applications place, a slip-and distance is from the edge of the screen or from one of its Esquinas, a real set of important applications and utilities. Previous configuration, both applications allow access to recent notifications , recent apps, bookmarks or small preconfigured folders, in which we can add the applications we use most often for quick and easy access to them.

in addition to streamlining the application switching in Google Play Store are a large number of utilities focused on improving multitasking Android by simultaneous execution of two applications. One is C Floating , which allows open small floating windows on any applications that execute in our smartphone . This is useful in smartphones with large screens, where multitasking capabilities are outstanding. An example of using. Perform calculations at the same time editing a text document

Finally, a very interesting to improve the multitasking Android utility is Link Bubble Browser . In line with C Floating , this application allows small floating windows display the contents of any link we have in the main application . A practical example: we are viewing the timeline Twitter and want access to a shared one of our followings link. Tradition would do tap on it and open it in Chrome browser -or we have by default-configured. Instead, with Link Bubble Browser , can be displayed in a floating window style of the bubble chat Facebook.


Improving multitasking Android in a simple and effective way
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