In defense of the vertical video

The vertical video is sometimes preferable to the horizontal and should not be dogmatic about it. Each video has a context, composition, duration and focus that we must understand. We should direct our anger at the bad players.

Again video vertical jumps again unnecessary hatreds. Farhad Manjoo published in the NYTimes a piece entitled: “¿Vídeo vertical small screen? Not a crime. The title sums up the opinion of the South African based journalist: It’s okay to watch videos in portrait orientation on a mobile. A Twitter they will eyes filled with blood, and took torches again.

The vertical video has its strengths and weaknesses, which should be evaluated case by case. anthropological arguments evolution of eyes to see predators in the African savannah million years back to the surface. “Horizontal is superior!” “Will I turn my TV because you say?” The usual. But unfortunately, no one was trying to convince anyone otherwise: vertical video is usually not preferable to the horizontal video, but sometimes it is

What I want to record. my daughters vertical full body-beings, damn bipedación- at park running when I can record in horizontal, viewing them smaller, and enjoy forever the image of the parents of other children eating pipes at the bottom? The choice is clear as internet: I have to see parents eating pipes

As smartphones become our primary means of recording video outpacing digital cameras, as well as our main form of consumption. and share videos, make record in vertical easier to hold the phone to better choice, and when you share video quickly and my inner circle can see you do it in a mobile almost entirely of cases, or 100% if in an application like snapchat.

No vertical recording rate as a laziness on the part of users, then as a preference or limitation of our element available at hand. Before smartphones could not record video in almost any moment we were where we were: the video simply did not exist. A vertical video is always preferable to be no video, more traditional option.

Each video has its purpose and context. There is nothing wrong with a video vertical someone dancing at a party, or up to collect her diploma (I repeat: bipedal cursed)., And obviously Disney will not publish the next Star Wars vertically

The hatred should be directed towards the bad players

So few people play your videos on television to think about ‘turning my TV’ is an absurd argument reduction. In the era of smartphones in 5 “, videos are recorded, shared and viewed with a smartphone in hand. Few people bother to watch engraved with the smartphone on TV videos, and when they do, they are sometimes counted as when we have guests at home. In that case, having recorded the video in landscape offers a clear advantage, here the decision belongs to each Want to burn unnecessary background on most of the occasions, or want the main element of the video is to see good? If you have to record in vertical, vertical records.

The fault lies in not adapted to the new reality players. Sometimes the background, the landscape, the surrounding elements are important, but often are not, and we must begin to be aware that the religion of the horizontal video sins more echo chamber of rational analysis . Each individual video In this regard reminds me hate Comic Sans by people with no idea of ​​typography and design: hate without knowing why

YouTube has failed to react to the rise of. vertical videos in the same way that other platforms themselves. The end digital cameras hand meant that more and more videos were cut by the processor YouTube, adding two vertical black bars on the sides that gathered the two main problems both directions: you saw the smallest video, and have recorded were not reflected vertically. This point has already begun to be corrected in the YouTube application for Android already and iOS. The web YouTube should not take to be adapted.

A vertical video , well framed, is shattered by a bad player. – On the right, Youtube and shows well the video in iOS and Android

Another point to note about the most important player in which you see the video. rather than targeting your cousin choose for video, is that no one complains about the orientation of pictures or video games on mobile. If the best frame is vertical, no more to say. Where you are the twitterers fury to play Tetris or Temple Run horizontally because the Homo Erectus needed to see predators in bed sheet? And smart-ass comments on Facebook when we put on our table a portrait vertical? No one would think, then why do we suffer the same comments and every time a video a couple of minutes circulates vertically Twitter or Facebook? Most users are on mobile.

In portrait mode the future will more

We can take snapchat, Periscope or Meerkat main leaders of the vertical video as the main medium. Sometimes they come to the Discover of horizontal snapchat videos, or your friends, but mostly vertical creations are ready to eat next to an article or a series of short videos. It makes sense to do so, by reducing friction to minimum user to create them.

In the recent political debate in the GOP primary in the US hundreds of thousands followed the event through snapchat, and no one died. Simplemente adapted content. Many others followed on TV, there were no casualties among viewers

The video created specifically upright is totally worth.

No But watching the same video on Youtube with your player that no one knows we adapt the content played terrible bands black. Again, it is a problem of context and not one of being lazy or not

 The same video fatal Rand Paul is only and exclusively due to Youtube player.

The same video fatal Rand Paul is only and exclusively due to player Youtube.


In defense of the vertical video
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