In Spain, the “muggles” also play Quidditch

In Spain, the "muggles" also play Quidditch

After its success in countries like the United States Quidditch, Harry Potter sport is experiencing one of its sweetest moments in Spain with the creation of new teams and holding tournaments

When JK Rowling first thought the rules of Quidditch while writing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, certainly did not imagine that on a sunny Saturday afternoon in 2005 Xander Manshel and Alex Benepe, two university students from Vermont, United States, lay the foundation of what is now known as the “Muggle Quidditch”. An adaptation, “not magicians” , the sport par excellence at Hogwarts in which certain aspects of the game and the material are changed so that anyone can play.

The Quidditch is a mixture of Rugby, Handball, Dodgeball and “catch-up” “The Quidditch is a mixed sport, with teams formed by players of both sexes, contact and faster than has touches Rugby, handball, dodgeball and “catch-up” where two teams of seven players try to score in the “goal” of the other team, “says the captain of the Gamusins ​​Gasteiz, Marina Salvidea, when I ask you to summarize me game in one sentence. As usual in team sports, each player has a different position and objective. The guardian is responsible for protecting the three rings located at different heights, which serve as goal. Kickers, two per team, are responsible for disturbing the players on the other team by throwing the “bludgers” (a ball of Dodgeball). When they reach, similar to what happens in dodgeball, players must return to their goal and playing the clubs before you can rejoin the game. Hunters three per team, are responsible for the attack. They go by the “Quaffle” (a ball of Volleyball) until hoops opposing team where they have to attack.

Finally, there is the search engine begins to play the 18 minutes in to catch ” the Snitch, “which in this case, unlike what happens in the books of Harry Potter, is not a ball but a person. dress and a yellow tennis ball hanging from a sock placed on their back,” snitch “belongs to neither of the two teams and their aim is to avoid being caught and removed the ball. The only search engine you can remove the snitch ball cleanly, but this can be defended in every way that he occur

The gameplay is pretty simple:. each “goal” is worth 10 points regardless of the hoop through which pass, and the seeker who catches the “snitch” get 30 points for his team and ends the match. When that time comes the team with the most points Victory takes

These may not be the same rules (have evolved in recent years) Manshel and Benepe which played the first game of Quidditch Muggle history, but certainly not the impact their long-term small idea imagined. Only two years after that game and the first championship he was played Quidditch and today the United States not only has a national league , in which teams participate the vast majority of universities, but also have come to play international competitions of both clubs as selections. And the Quidditch, like Harry Potter is a global phenomenon with 12 national federations established, 4 regular tournaments countries (including Spain) and another 5 which is emerging.

A sweet moment

Eagles Quidditch Captain Barcelona
Spain still has much to reach the level of other countries, but in recent months the situation has improved considerably. With the recent addition of Gamusins ​​Gasteiz (Vitoria), the number of computers rises to thirteen. Which together with the regularity with which they begin to play the tournaments and the recent formation of the Association of Quidditch Spain (EQA), chaired by the captain of the Boggarts Bizkaia, Yeray Espinosa, marks the beginning of one of the moments sweeter for the sport.

One reason is that the Quidditch leaves no one indifferent . “When I told some friends that Sunday morning was a Quidditch many thought was hesitating them, but when I explained what it was all wanted to try and some are within the team,” says Almudena Esteban one of the players Gamusins ​​of Gasteiz. Hence, the team captain, Marina Salvidea, has not cost him more than anything to find 20 people willing to participate. “Luckily I know many people who like to try new sports or simply are fans of Harry Potter, so it was a breeze,” said Salvidea.

bizkaia boggarts quidditch
“Once we have looked a little” weird “to see us take the rings and brooms” And while captains and Vitoria Biscay Boggarts Gamusins ​​insist that it should not be a fan of Harry Potter to get into any of these teams (or become one) , just look at one of the training of these teams to realize that everyone is a fan of something. A group of friends who meet every Sunday to do some sports while talking of things they are passionate about without any complex, whether the latest trailer of Star Wars or the last chapter of Game of Thrones. “We all like to be around people with our hobbies, anyone can play,” said the captain of Gasteiz Gamusins, “we can not expect people see as a serious sport Quidditch if you only accept people for their tastes.”

Despite the win, today form a Quidditch team is not as easy as creating a football or basketball. And unlike these sports, teams who want to play sport Harry Potter must not only be done with your own kit balls, but should also have their own rings to the goals. “To be quite material is expensive, and some balls like dodgeball have to bring from England which increases spending,” said the captain of the Boggarts Bizkaia. “In Vitoria we are lucky to have parks like Salburua to train, but when bad time comes we go somewhere playing racquetball or covered field,” said the captain of the Gamusins ​​Gasteiz.

“Brooms Up! “

 Quidditch tarragona
In recent months has also increased the regularity with which the tournaments are held. In the month of June will be held one in Valencia, in August the “Trans” will be held in Tarragona, in September Barcelona will host the “Moustaches Time” Euskadi held in October and the “Mangamore”. Still, there is still much work to do to be able to create a regular league. “We would like to create a regular season, but today it is impossible,” said Yeray Espinosa, “so far they are all teams each is very expensive to travel from one city to another.”

“The atmosphere is great tournaments,” said the captain of the Bizkaia Boggarts when he recalls the Catalunya Cup that took place last March in Barcelona. “There is a feeling of brotherhood that can not be compared with any other sport,” he says, “is a sport of friends in which we all get along and all rivalry is left in the field.” The championship match at the Parque Central Thermal Bessos, featured teams of Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Toulouse.

Today the Quidditch does not awaken the same interest from established sports However, there are few players and captains seeking normalizing and converting it into a sport more. For some, like the captain of Gamusins ​​Gasteiz, your goal is not only “make known the Muggle Quidditch and that people take it seriously as a sport more” but also compete in tournaments and the team longer only “something that makes a group of friends to hang out.” For others, like the player of the same team Almudena Esteban, is another of his hobbies, “a healthy, fun and exciting hobby” that enjoys every weekend with his friends without taking it “very seriously”.


In Spain, the “muggles” also play Quidditch
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May 1, 2015

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