Injustice 2 includes a mini-game for special moves

You can increase or reduce the damage with the push of buttons.

The majority of special attacks in fighting games consist of an automatic sequence, but Injustice 2 saves a small surprise.

According to Game Informer, during these attacks it is possible for the attacker to press the attack button strong at the precise moment of the knock on the animation to slightly increase the damage. Also the player that receives the impact, the same can be done to reduce the damage.

The figures do not vary too much, but allows you to increase -or decrease – the impact of these movements, which on many occasions make the difference between victory or defeat.

Injustice 2, is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In your analysis got a note outstanding and say to you that provides a “wide range of game modes, fun to play in multiplayer as in solo, including among other things a great mode online.”

Injustice 2 includes a mini-game during special moves

Injustice 2 includes a mini-game for special moves
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May 22, 2017

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