Instagram deletes the button IGTV due to lack of use

Although the ‘spin off’ of Instagram for videos IGTV is still available as app independent, the social network has decided to remove its shortcut button to this TV channel.

According to have been recognized in the portal TechCrunch sources of the Facebook -owner of Instagram- “very few are by clicking on the icon IGTV”, located until now in the upper right corner of the start screen of the platform. Ensure that the majority enters the service through the feed publications, channel IGTV in the section ‘Explore’, profile of video creators and the stand-alone application.

responsible for the social network have taken advantage of the weekend to delete this orange button that many found it annoying, justifying the decision in that feedback that you have received from the community of ‘instagramers’ and in its objective “to maintain Instagram as simple as possible”.

What is certain, is that even the app the independent has not had all the success that perhaps they expected from the company: at most, seven million of the more than one million users of Instagram have downloaded your app IGTV in the 18 months after the launch in June 2018. As a reference, TikTok received 1.15 billion downloads in the same period, according to TechCrunch.

Besides being able to access this service through the application independent, Instagram continues to offer a direct access to IGTV through its section on ‘Browse’.

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Instagram deletes the button IGTV due to lack of use
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January 23, 2020

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