Instagram test an option to share the stories directly in Whatsapp

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Facebook is the company behind WhatsApp and Instagram and yet it keeps separate the three applications, yes he has been making a whole series of movements to synchronize their services. The last movement in this direction was in October of last year which allowed users Instagram directly share their stories also on Facebook.

stories of WhatsApp and Facebook are much like those of Instagram, although of all the applications of this latest social network are full and used. That is why we want to empower you with the other two allowing users of Instagram share them quickly.

Now we see how Instagram is testing in certain countries a function for sharing the stories of Instagram as a WhatsApp Status. Various users of Brazil and Portugal have been able to test this new feature and teach us several screenshots of how it works.

this is the function of sharing stories in WhatsApp from Instagram

Share in Addition to sharing on Facebook, you will see a button to share your story from Instagram to WhatsApp Status.

To date after you record and publish a history of Instagram you will see a list with all our contacts and at the top of the list a button to share in Facebook. The change that is expected is that the add a button to share it also on WhatsApp.

Its operation is very simple but still we will need to tap send from the own WhatsApp. Taking into account that more than 300 million users used the stories of Instagram as usual, this simple button can mean a good push to the use of WhatsApp Status. Still has not taken off, but the messaging application is extremely popular and it would not be surprising that the users end up getting used.

Instagram Whatsapp Stories The interface is very similar. Once shared the story, still we will have to give the send button from WhatsApp.

once you have shared the history, we can download from WhatsApp, and even add some message text. Not yet activated this feature to all users, so that we have not been able to verify whether all the effects of Instagram are kept up-to-go-to-WhatsApp Status.

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late last year, Instagram opened up a testing program to become a tester and try the latest before the rest. We have downloaded this version to check if it was already activated this button, but we don’t have it activated. We do recommend you to try you already that the update is being progressive, and can be toggled to specific users.

since this is an Alpha version it is common to find some problems and not be an application as stable, but we will have as soon as possible these small additions. If you wish to return to the normal version we will have to uninstall Instagram from the device and re-install the application from Google Play.

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Instagram test an option to share the stories directly in Whatsapp
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January 4, 2018

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