Invent a bar that measures the amount of alcoholic beverage served


  • innovation has been presented at the V Fair of Inventions of Elche.
  • This bar has a strip of a glass-ceramic, is involved, with a weight sensor and indicator light.
  • can Also be seen in inventions such as a swimsuit float for learning to swim, a saddle of a bicycle that prevents injury pelvic, the deadbolt lock…


A bar equipped with a pioneer system of measurement allows to know with accuracy the amount of alcoholic beverage served to the customer and have control of the money spent by the establishment.

Designed by Mario Acosta, the bar is one of half a hundred of inventions are on show until Sunday at the V Fair of Inventions, in Elche, whose aim is to disseminate these new products and find investors to bring them to market.

bar bar has a series of platforms adjacent to, and integrated with a weight sensor and indicator light that, in the view of the client, shows the amount of drink that is being served in each time.

As explained by its inventor, Mario Acosta, has a fringe as if from a glass-ceramic, is involved, which form part of the counter and as the customer places the order “the waiter what type and are illuminating the respective modules to each drink, showing in digital form the location of the cup and indicating what drinks you should take in each a and the amount of liquid corresponding”.

In this way, it has ensured, improving customer satisfaction, by a greater transparency on the amounts of drinks served, as well as a precise control of the amount spent by the establishment.

The system can be adapted to the needs of any local hospitality, with the possibility of implementation of a large number of additional functions.

COPAPERFECTA_ESP from Mateo Ramírez Louit on Vimeo.

At the Fair of Inventions is has also presented a appliance cleaning and drying automatic sunglasses developed by Juan Carlos the King and his son, William, never seen until now.

One of the parts of the apparatus has a washing chamber where a series of jets of hot, soapy water to pressure, that they get the cleaning and subsequent rinsing of the glasses. After, the leaves completely dry thanks to a turbine compressed air at high speed.

“In only 40 seconds, you get glasses with a dirt important and let them nickel plated and dry”, according to King, who explained that until now the closest is a device for optical which works with ultrasound and is to introduce the glasses in a bucket with liquid, “but it takes 2 minutes and take off wet”.

At a cost lower than 150€, this invention, as it seeks funding, is intended mainly for installation in places of work, restaurants, or hotels, and could be extended to public bodies such as local councils. The apparatus requires a small installation of plumbing, so that could also be placed in homes.

Other inventions

can Also be seen in Elche inventions as varied as a bathing suit floating which helps in the learning of swimming, a saddle of a bicycle that prevents injury pelvic, a waterproof adaptable to any chair, umbrella, multifunctional, or a deadbolt lock, even if it’s manipulated from the outside, it allows the access of thieves to the house.

it Is a small electronic device located behind the door as a complement to the lock, which works with a remote control from the press so that the lock is fully locked. This invention already has a partner investor and it is intended that the first units put on the market at the end of this month.


Invent a bar that measures the amount of alcoholic beverage served
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September 23, 2017

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