iRig Recorder, Recorder and professional audio editor finally on your Android


One of the most famous audio recorders and editors of iOS has finally come to Android , ready so that you can enjoy from your device, either your your smartphone or tablet (or your camera). iRig Recorder is now available for you to do fancy stuff with the audio you record, whether for professional or personal use.

irigrecorder- recording iRig Recorder is used by many of the journalists’ union or the visual arts, whether you’re a musician, journalist or simply a madman recordings, this may be your application header from now.

IK Multimedia is the creator of this app. This company specializes in hardware audio: microphones, mixers, tuners, speakers … Even there for smartphones and tablets as iRig and iRig MIC MIC Cast ($ 50 and $ 40 respectively, the latter is the you see on the phone in the cover photo), or even professional microphones adapters ($ 30) to use from your Android or iPhone … With iRig Recorder simply can have your “study” portable recording always available in your pocket.

With this app you can make recordings of the simplest and can then organize them as you want, but by default, having them sorted by recording date. The good thing about this app, of course, are the extras. The basic sound editing, of course, appears among the options. Cut, start a recording from a particular point of all audio, record pieces, “clean” parts that make no sense was not enough content or for other reasons …

Best comes in Special features , yes, you will have to pay for them (the app is free), now I tell you:

1. Optimize Level: automatically sets the optimum volume
2. Optimize Tone: automatically configures optimal equalization
3. Cleanup: automatically cleans the ambient sounds
4. Brighten Voice: automatically increases clarity of language and vocal
5. Smooth Voice: automatically smooths harsh or overly bright vocals
6. Speed ​​Up: Speed ​​up recording tone without altering
7. Slow Down: Decreases the speed of the recording without altering the pitch
8. Change Pitch: Increases / decreases the pitch of the recording without changing the length

For each (and cutting fragments) we will pay € 3.59 , or we can unlock all for 4.99 € . As you may have guessed, these payments are in-app , so if your application is going to be basic (and optimize volume record) and you will not need any of these features, the app will be free .

I put a video for you to see in action, and you can see how the first 3 extra functionality and cutting the portals types:

I think are prices only a pay raise professional as long as you do not have a more affordable option and / or versatile than that offered by IK Multimedia. But yes, of course, this app offers a lot.

Another of the drawbacks of the app you can get to watch the screenshots of the application: interface of iOS is in fact hides the Android notification bar and overlaps one that suggests that we are controlling an iPhone and not an Android. I think the differentiation is sufficiently clear interfaces today, and a serious developer can not afford to make a port as is and be satisfied.

One of the main advantages of this application with respect to its competitors is the ability to share to use with any apps that we use (all coming out in almost any menu “Share” on our Android) and the ability FTP upload from the same street, which can greatly facilitate the work of a reporter walk, for example.

recording formats are OGG, compressed and can record from 64 kbps to 192 kbps, or in wav uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1 kHz. With this we will more than served.

Do you find useful? Would you pay for the extra features? Do you seem very expensive? All comments are welcome.

More info | IK Multimedia

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iRig Recorder, Recorder and professional audio editor finally on your Android
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April 8, 2013

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