Is it a good time to change the mobile? Why you should expect and what to take into consideration when choosing your next phone

Change phone is for many a small ‘trauma’: if you find a model, which if adapted to the new, that if ‘where are they going to be all my stuff’… Others, however, change mobile as the changing of socks: have a clear sense of your desired model and they look forward to fall in his hands.

what Is January a good time to change your smartphone? is Popularly believed to yes for the rebates of this month after the christmas campaign, time in which the prices tend to be higher -as much as Black Friday and Cyber Monday mount, brands leverage the consumption of Christmas and do not lose a cent-.

however, maybe you’re not taking into account an outstanding event in the sector of mobile telephony: at the end of the month of February will be held in Barcelona the Mobile World Congress (MWC), one of the fairs of smartphones more important in the world.

In that space leading brands of telephony presented every year by their flagship: this 2020 is already known that will firms as well known as Huawei or Xiaomi, and Samsung will move forward a few days and will show the world their new smartphones of the family Galaxy.

Buying a mobile phone before the MWC you take the risk that the brand you choose take out the next version soon and yours is ‘outdated’. And if it is not to have the latest technologically speaking, the least expected because if you’re going to buy the full version unless new, secure that the debase after you take the last model.

Your mobile is not eternal and much affection that we have -or very little desire to have to spend the salary on a phone – one day I will say goodbye.

There are some unmistakable signs that your smartphone is the latest, among them, usually problems with the battery -one of the most wears out over time-with the camera or with the internal technology, that no longer support the system updates, leaving you anchored in a previous version and that sooner or later they will be obsolete. Both iOS as Android tend to launch new versions of its operating system every year.

Another common problem is the lack of storage space. Although the phone today rarely have less than 64 GB, the former was not so common to buy a device with an internal memory of large capacity, maybe because they expected us to do a million pictures with our phones or that we had apps specific up to give away your stuff.

So if your battery is on its last legs, if your phone does not support any more updates or if you have space, your experience will be severely slowed down.

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Is it a good time to change the mobile? Why you should expect and what to take into consideration when choosing your next phone
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January 28, 2020

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