Is it possible to make your own Android Smartphone?


With the huge changes being experienced technology and innovation so predictable that we live smartphone after smartphone, one placed on it so curious and strange thoughts like make your own Android smartphone . Is that possible? The short answer would be a yes, but ultimately takes a long but.

Yes we can

If we enter a completely theoretical level, on paper is entirely possible manufacture our own smartphone Android.

We can look online and in electronics stores various pieces of equipment, including antennas and radio equipment to cover all sections of connectivity. If we ask the question, as we said, from a purely theoretical point of view, it is possible to carry out this difficult task.


I want this to look good clear, because you have to differentiate between real problems that one would face If you set up your own Android poses and what is potentially possible. There beagleboard plates as we provide a starting point when riding a smartphone and where we assemble processors and components.

Remember that to do something minimally decent should have a powerful processor, memory RAM, screen, speakers, microphone, GPS … It is quite possible to get an integrated chip or SoC you provide most of the functions you would end up with a smartphone, and that will facilitate life enough.

start problems

Now imagine that we have found a few components and the idea begins to take shape. Even so excited we thought we might take this feat and create our own Android smartphone.

Well, we have bad news, because they start problems , and unfortunately is the keynote of what follows.

First you have to consider that one of the big advantages that a manufacturer enjoys today is the economy of scale . Without going too much into detail about microeconomics, economics of scale involves the reduction of the manufacturing cost increases as the number of units produced. That is, the more fabriques, cheaper manufacturing cost you each. And when we consider making our own smartphone speak of only one unit, which means that the price will be very high. This is the first and greatest problem facing us as we gonna be expensive to buy all the components and carry out the process of manufacturing the device.


The second problem is more technical. Not to discredit the abilities of any of us. Possibly many ye huge programming or electronics, but it is impossible for one person to match the work of a whole team. We could even join several people to carry out the project, but still at a disadvantage would continue regarding a manufacturer of mobile devices. As good as what we did end up having a smartphone that was how powerful the hardware, never reach the performance of a high end .

Furthermore, possibly we would be in low range, low power, low fluidity and battery life very bad. We could make it work, but it would be pretty mediocre smartphone, and that in the best case, because it would be normal to malfunction and faltasen many things.

Another huge problem would be the development firmwire and software . The programming work behind something so huge, and would have to take into account something when choose which hardware to use, because not everything is compatible with everything, and can we meet with serious setbacks with everything and Assembled by not getting drivers or compatibility failures. Not just a hardware problem, then you have to get the whole can be understood with the rest of the phone, and not an easy task at all.


Finally be the subject of design , and join ourselves that we would face something that could never compete decently. We talked about our smartphone might not use the space as do those of a manufacturer, and we would have something like a walkie talkie old. Ladrillófono could call to give a humorous, but never would get a size for something practical to use .

Surely escape me several problems, but this seems most remarkable. I would love compartieses others can you think of you.

It depends on the order

you look

Who said that I want a powerful smartphone with high performance and well designed? Indeed, building your own smartphone does not have to be necessarily a task in order to achieve a final product that competes on the market today, you might just want develop our knowledge or test our capabilities e and programming.

Motivation to create and implement such a complicated project is more than enough justification for only considering something like this, and I think it would be very interesting. Talk about a really complicated task worthy of advanced engineering project, but if one knows the subject and is able to do, why not try? Since then the problems are everywhere, but even if we achieve fabricate a fully functional smartphone, the path there would teach us a lot.

The idea of ​​making a smartphone on our own to save money on what manufacturers sell if it is completely out of place . This is almost impossible, and as we have seen in the problems that arise, I doubt anyone could get to make it. One could argue based on a crowdfunding campaign, but the project elevaríamos small business and high external funding could no longer consider that we have done ourselves.

As a personal goal regardless of the final product of the market as well, but would not work if we want something or economically feasible to use in our daily lives.


Not only is there the possibility to start the project from zero. There are people that have already been raised and the basis from which projects can be split like this ODROID that brings extra functionality of a Samsung Exynos, but is now more like a small PC than a smartphone, but as we said, the design is far us.


Another thing we can do is modify a smartphone that is already on the market and implement our improvements. We could incorporate a better battery, another processor, improved display screen … there are many possibilities. This would lead us to a whole new series of problems section, and possibly what we discussed the drivers would have a special role, but there is an option for the brave.

Making our own smartphone is possible , and one can get to it. It’s hard, is full of problems and we offer an alternative to almost any phone on the market, but it is completely valid and project realization.

Do you have any experience with that? Can you think of more problems? What alternatives to something like this?

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Is it possible to make your own Android Smartphone?
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October 1, 2013

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