Is it really necessary to have heart rate sensor in a smartphone Android?

Screenshot 2015 May 05 to May 15, 14 The Those who should follow us regularly know that several companies with Samsung headlining decided last year to introduce a sensor dedicated to the measurement Heart rhythm on their mobiles.

As it has been introducing new models are capable of measuring stress levels and even blood oxygen level with remarkable accuracy, but was it really necessary to introduce a hardware component once you use when you premieres mobile and just being forgotten?

And most importantly, was it necessary to urge a product, already high price, incluiyendo extras for a task that could be done and Android 5 years ago and can still do

Meter “Home” heartbeat on Android

Surely more than one remembers that for 2009-2010 at the time of the first Android (HTC Magic) already existing applications allowing measure our heart rate with high accuracy using the flash and camera terminal.

This is, in fact, the principle that Samsung uses for meter , which uses a red LED light and a tiny camera both calibrated for this task

We wanted to resume these applications and test them on several smartphones and we have done in Huawei Mate 7 , Energy Sistem Pro Qi and Vodafone Smart 4G . In fact we tested two applications Runtastic and Heart Rate Instant Heart Rate but only perform Search Google Play you can find a big handful with the same functionality.

As you can see in the video, we have compared to a Galaxy S5 meter and the results speak for themselves. This is where one asks, was it really necessary, Samsung?

Measuring principle of pulse light

As shown in the final part of the video such measurements pulse is possible thanks to the circulation of blood in our point of delivery and return the same finger.

Screenshot 2015 May 05 At The April 15, 35

We illuminate the finger veins, and the bone is no distinction; no, they are not X-rays, it is the light of a flash or a LED light. Nevertheless, there is obtained an image colored with a half-plane in which a pulsating variation is detected.

Measuring the number of variations within a given time , allows us to extrapolate the beats per minute that we have at the moment is the beginning of both the combo system and camera flash as Samsung system, which makes use of hardware dedicated to it.

Samsung and its integrated solution, nonsense?

Here we do a brainstorming exercise where you’d like participáseis holders of a next-generation Galaxy smartphone 2014 – 2015, which integrates the heart rate sensor. What did you use? How often do you use? It is probably one of many features that falls on deaf ears after the first few days.

The reason is simple, a usage profile of this functionality is an athlete who wants to go jogging, bike, etc and maintain a level of correct work, but what happens? That there is much more to do cómodads solutions, such as chest bands and watches dedicated to it.

Screenshot 2015 May 05 At The December 15 22 Samsung system is slightly faster

Who will take the mobile, unlock, open S-Health and put the finger on the back to launch the pulse rate during exercise

For occasional use, we see what beats at rest or just measure our level of recovery itself can be used and not all sticks to Samsung . The truth is that, to be honest, your system to be fixed, to always have the same light, the same distance sensor and a sensor dedicated to the measurement can be calibrated and thus takes less time than these systems we’ve seen in the video measurement us.

Now we want to know review , you use this sensor Galaxy? Do you see it if you can sense that task as we have shown in the video

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Is it really necessary to have heart rate sensor in a smartphone Android?
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May 5, 2015

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