Is it worth paying to use WhatsApp?

whatsapp 01 Is it worth paying for using WhatsApp?

Whatsapp revolutionized the market with its offer. The ability to send messages for free has marked a before and after in the industry. Besides giving a good warning to operators who have been plundering for years with SMS. The problem comes when WhatsApp payment becomes.

It is known that the application has stopped offering their services for free and users to the subscription expires them have to checkout, or rather for Google Play , to continue using this popular instant messaging service. The big question is: Is it worth paying the 89 cents it costs to paid version of WhatsApp?

My answer is a resounding yes, definitely. I was one of the victims has been receiving messages announcing the death of WhatsApp to my subscription. Two days before it ended, I had made the payment.

Why? For various reasons. For starters I have been using WhatsApp for two years and the service so far financed through advertising, I found very stable and useful. It is true that failure moments, especially at Christmas where the volume of messages increases exponentially. But otherwise WhatsApp has saved me a huge amount of money , and less than one euro per year seems a reasonable price.

It is true that there other free services available, such as Line, but the spread of these services, but is increasing , is not yet complete and many of my contacts cling to WhatsApp. I repeat that I prefer not to take a day a coffee to lose many contacts.

LINE 02 Is it worth paying to use WhatsApp?

Yes, this year will be the g ran WhatsApp service examination. Now that payment is going to require much more to this application. I can understand but the system falls punctual, more if payment is now, has to be much more stable. Not to mention the new features that have to be implemented throughout this year.

Ultimately I think for 89 cents anyone would hesitate to pay to use WhatsApp, but if in a year does not improve any functionality and other free services clients increase their share, then I think if it’s worth renew your subscription . But there is still a year so at least I know that this year will continue sending a few SMS.

You do you think? Do you think it’s worth paying .89 cents for using WhatsApp? I will pass to other free applications?

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Is it worth paying to use WhatsApp?
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March 8, 2013

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