Is the best camera of Google for your mobile and install it in less than 1 minute

Find the best camera of Google for your mobile and install it in less than 1 minute

it is Not surprising that the camera Google or Gcam be an object of desire because this application provides a processing unique to the photos. It is not that the Google Pixel are the best phones to take photos, as there would many factors to take into account, but there is no doubt of that are found among the first positions in the classification. And the main culprit is the Gcam, an app camera that independent developers were able to move to other mobile phones apart from the Pixel.

Install a Gcam or camera Google on any mobile phone it is not too difficult: just run the Apk right for it to work. Now, there are many factors to consider, such as the mobile in question available from the Api Camera2, there is a modification suitable for the framework of the phone or the processor to allow the processing of the images, for example. All of these factors complicate the choice. And a new app just with them.

Gcamator, the app that finds the best camera of Google

Gcamator: installation camera of Google

The camera application of Google is a app specific Pixel developers, Arnova8G2 have been modified to carry almost any Android smartphone. Usually, the greater part of the Gcam modified are for most of phones (this is an Apk generic). However, the characteristics of each mobile get the camera to Google to run correctly or not; hence the search for the Gcam ideal is a very hard.

Gcamator makes easy the task of searching for a camera Google: recommended, in seconds, the most appropriate

How to find the best camera of Google for a specific mobile? We no longer need to search among the pages as XDA Developers or Celso Azevedo the application Gcamator performs the entire process automatically. It’s super simple, entails no risk (only needs access to the storage, essential to install the Apks downloaded) and the only discomfort arrives in the form of advertising (you can’t delete). It is super recommended if you are looking for the best Gcam for your Android.

The application process is as follows:

  • Install Gcamator and launch the app: the application will first verify that your mobile phone is compatible with the Gcam. In the event that does not have the Api Camera2 not be able to install the camera of Google (could be done with ROOT, but it is not recommended).
  • once Gcamator has proven that the mobile phone is compatible, press in the bottom tab of “Device info”. The application will search for the Gcam that best suits to your phone.
  • If you have a mobile versions of Gcam compatible, Gcamator will detect the most appropriate and ask you for permission to install. Agree and you’ll have the camera of Google activates in less than 1 minute.
  • In the event that Gcamator has not found a compatible app, you always have the option to manually search for a Gcam in your database. As the house of Google is a generic application, you can find one that works for you-based test (trial/error).
Gcamator: installation camera of Google Process the installation of Gcam completed

Gcamator is a application recent that speeds up enormously the task of finding a camera Google Compatible. You can install the app directly from the Google Play Store.



Via | XDA Developers

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Is the best camera of Google for your mobile and install it in less than 1 minute
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November 26, 2019

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