Is this the design of the Samsung Galaxy S10? Hopefully not

Is this the design of the Samsung Galaxy S10? Hopefully no

Update 14:45: the creator of the renders has admitted that there is an error and will update the images. More information at the end of the text.

At this point in the year, we can say that it is all of the fish sold in presentations of smartphones are concerned, so now’s the time to look to the future. And what smartphone is one of the most anticipated of next year? the Samsung Galaxy S10, next flagship of the Korean company and that you just filtered your possible design.

In reality the right thing would be to talk in plural, since wait up to three models of the S10; the usual duo Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus more a special edition with 5G and up to six cameras, always according to rumors. Today we’re going to talk about the Galaxy S10 Plus, the larger of the pair, and has appeared in renderings courtesy of 91mobiles and OnLeaks.

Hole in the screen, fingerprint reader integrated, and triple rear camera

Samsung Galaxy S10

All indications are that the notch has its days numbered. After a 2017 plagued of mobile phones with a notch, now all indications are that there will be new solutions to the dilemma of the ‘all’ screen and place the camera in a hole in the screen is the one that more force is taking.

The own Samsung presented its screen Infinity Or with this solution a few weeks ago, so include it in your next high-end is not at all far-fetched. However, the screen described had a round hole rather discreet and in the renders, this hole is anything but discreet. It makes sense if it includes the camera selfie dual, but is still a solution, very little aesthetics, even less than the notch.

This is the detail that stands out the most in the front, which is mainly occupied by the screen. We continue to have curved edges on the sides and two frames somewhat wider above and below, but much smaller than those in the current edition. As to the form, it is quite square, which makes them to remember more of the range please Note that the S.

Samsung Galaxy S10 renders filtration

In the rear, the novelty is the new camera module horizontal, which houses three cameras, the LED flash and the meter of rhythm of the heart. What we don’t have is the fingerprint reader since this generation would take the reader below the screen as others have done like Huawei or OPPO.

there is No doubt that the design of the renders, it retains something of the DNA of Samsung, which we know by their latest designs and in addition coincides with the previous rumors, but still we hope it is not the final design. The part that more questions are generated in us is the hole in the screen, mainly because of what little aesthetic, but also because level software may generate issues.

Although OnLeaks has a history of hits behind him, another well-known leaker has cast doubt on the authenticity of these renderings. Personally I hope you are right and the final design is more elegant.

If we’re going to say goodbye to the notch, which is a better solution, not a similar. The best thing would be to keep a frame a little bit wider and leave it at that cameras. We will, as now, that either nothing happens because the screen does not come up to the same edge. What do you think of this design?

Update 14:45: Steve H. McFly, also known as @OnLeaks, is the creator of the renders of the Galaxy S10, and has said on Twitter that there is something wrong in the images, and that soon, will update. We will be attentive to comment on the changes.

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Is this the design of the Samsung Galaxy S10? Hopefully not
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December 3, 2018

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