It demolished! The critics confirm that ‘The dark tower’ is a disaster

The Dark Tower

gone Are the doubts. The last track of that ‘The dark tower’ is a disaster we gave the date of the embargo imposed by Sony for the publication of reviews. Normally, if a date is set so close to the release (this weekend hits theaters in the U.S.) is because the reviews are very negative and try to minimize the possible impact at the box office.

it Was suspicious that I had not a travel trailer up to three months before the premiere or the film only lasts 95 minutes when is based on a series of eight novels; and then we found out about problems during the production, and now the critics have confirmed our worst fears. Right now, the film has a 21% positive reviews at RottenTomatoes and a 35 about 100 in Metacritic, valuations, very strong.

below you can read some excerpts from the views (without spoilers) that are already circulating on the Internet:

The Hollywood Reporter: “God knows that the books offer more inventive than what could fit in a single film, but in its effort to introduce this world to those who are unaware, the filmmakers make the content seem archetypal but generic and cobble stones.”

Indiewire: “A film disastrous (…) Surprise that ‘The Dark Tower’ has so little energy, or that do not convey any magical feeling, or that does not present a larger world beyond what Jake is capable of experiencing.”

Variety: “it Is a video game paranoid and metaphysical highly competent and that you can see, that didn’t last long in his welcome, includes some visual effects morbidly entertaining, and (must say) have an emotional impact close to zero.”

Screencrush: “Even when the movie around him is absolute rubbish and nonsense, it’s fun to see Idris Elba. (…) The film left me confused and often annoying, but not necessarily boring.”

The Guardian: “A job exceptionally bland (…) it Is rare that a film so convoluted to get to be so decidedly boring. Luckily, it disappears from your mind as soon as.”

USA Today: “Even with stars of the first level, ‘Dark Tower’ collapses with the weight of its mediocrity (…) The film by Nikolaj Arcel only touches the surface of the mythology of the ‘Dark Tower’.”

the Chicago Tribune: “Very little memorable (…) The cast is very good ( … ) The movie is good enough to fulfill that for which it is designed? Not really.”

Mashable: “The weak characterizations may have been mitigated by the loosening of the dialogs… But there is no poetry or personality in any of those words.”

The Wrap: “This attempt to launch a franchise is, in short, a disaster with a mounting poor (…) ‘The Dark Tower’ stands out mainly because of the entertaining bad acting of McConaughey”

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey lead the cast of ‘The dark tower’, written and directed by Nikolaj Arcel from the work Stephen King. Officially only has cost $ 60 million (more advertising), and the experts believe that it may raise between 20 and 25 million in its first weekend, so probably Sony does not lose money (on the contrary). Theaters spaniards arrive on the 18th of August.

Critical path | Darkhorizons and Huffpost

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It demolished! The critics confirm that ‘The dark tower’ is a disaster
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August 3, 2017

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