“It has deceived the public.” The online premiere of ‘Mulan’ unworthy to the cinema of Spain

“has deceived the public”. The online premiere of ‘Mulan’ unworthy to the cinema of Spain

The announcement made by Disney last Tuesday, in which he made public his intention to brand new ‘Mulan’ directly on your streaming platform Disney+ by omitting the display window traditional, is not limited to be the hot topic of the moment, but rather, aims to bring a long queue for the coming weeks and months, due to their high likelihood of alter forever the business of the exhibition of film as we know it.

As expected, the reactions of the guild of exhibitors americans did not wait, coming to label the move as “a mortal blow to the cinemas,”, and we’ve seen posted on social networks videos as delusional as this, in which an owner of a room destroyed with a baseball bat a standee promo for the movie the House of the Mouse. But, while this is happening the other side of the pond, what there is of the owners of cinemas Spanish?

During the last few days I have been trying to contact with different rooms, and chains to any officer or representative to share your opinion on the matter, and the result has been mostly unproductive. In addition to the blackout holiday of rigor, has reign a silence which exemplifies to perfection the response obtained in my phone call to the company Renoir, from where they stated that “you can’t give the opinion on it.”.

luckily, the movie Phenomena Experience of Barcelona has expressed its dissatisfaction with the following statement:, in that they rely on the case of ‘Mulan’ is really exceptional, as he pointed out, Bob Chapek at the announcement:

“We are saddened at the decision of Disney not brand new Mulan at the cinema. We hope this will be a decision resulting from the situation unique and exceptional that we are living in and as soon as it is back to normal to resume the premiere productions of all the studies in cinema”.

The official statement of FECE


With almost all hope lost, and having tried to contact the agency unsuccessfully, the Federation of Cinemas of Spain, is representative of the 80% the market of cinemas in the country, has issued a press release in which addresses the cancellation of the theatrical release of the remake in action real ‘Mulan’. In him, with great forcefulness, considered that “has deceived the public who expected to be able to enjoy the film in cinemas, as well has been advertising since the first time we showed the film”.

in Addition to this, he points out that “to ensure the survival of the ENTIRE industry, it is necessary that new content is released first in theatres, while respecting the current window”, but also taking into account that “the strategy of premiere first in theaters and then in the windows, successive, it is a proven business and crucial to ensure that the public can enjoy a wide range of films and that last year attracted more than 100 million viewers to the cinemas in spain”.

In FECE show-ferrous defenders of the idea that the focus of the entire industry, now that the 75% of movie theaters in Spain are open to the public, “should be focused on the public back to movie theaters to enjoy the unique experience of seeing movies on the big screen”, and provide, as “overwhelming proof that there is a strong public demand” the éxito picked by ‘Father there is more than one 2’ Santiago Segura.

you Can read the full statement on the website of the Federation of Cinemas of Spain.

The news “It has deceived the public.” The online premiere of ‘Mulan’ unworthy to the cinema of Spain was originally published in Espinof by Victor Lopez G. .


“It has deceived the public.” The online premiere of ‘Mulan’ unworthy to the cinema of Spain
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August 8, 2020

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