It was inevitable: Leonardo DiCaprio will transform into Leonardo da Vinci


All of the Hollywood studios would be happy to finance a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor very selective that only involves interpretativamente in those projects that will really seduce. In fact, still has not released a tape since that win the Oscar for ‘The reborn’ (‘The Revenant’), but now just to add another interesting project to its agenda, because it’s going to give life to the legendary Leonardo da Vinci.

The project has been one of the most in demand in Hollywood this week, beginning a tough battle between Paramount and Universal. Finally, it has been the first that has succeeded to the rights of adaptation of ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, the book of Walter Isaacson about the author of ‘La Gioconda’ that has not even appeared yet on sale -on the 17th of October is the date chosen for your publication.

‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ this is not the first biography written by Isaacson, as he has also carried out other Albert Einstein, Henry Kissinger, Steve Jobs, or Benjamin Franklin. In fact, the television ‘Genius’ is based on the dedicated to Einstein, and therefore it is not unlikely that soon begin to emerge more projects associated to his work. By the way, DiCaprio also acted as a producer now that we occupy through his company Appian Way.

The most curious thing of all is that it seems to be that the mother of DiCaprio chose his name in honor of the Italian master. By the looks of it, I was visiting the Uffizi gallery, located in the Italian town of Florence, and felt the first kick of the baby that was inside just as she was examining a work of Da Vinci. She defends and safe that there would be suspicions if I had said after the announcement of this project, but it is not the case, so we can say that has been a thing of the destination.

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It was inevitable: Leonardo DiCaprio will transform into Leonardo da Vinci
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August 13, 2017

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