“James Bond uses only the best,” the humiliation of Sony’s most famous agent Hollwood

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Nobody one is aware today that the product placement , in our language product positioning and marketing embedded , is one of the advertising techniques most used, especially because users tend to use the advertising slots on television to zapping or go to the bathroom.

Insert a product, a message or a brand within a series or movie is something we all have seen, but did not expect this kind of advertising will give us one of the greatest humiliations we have seen in the market for mobile telephony


Focus on a case uncovered by Wikileaks and that has been made public in recent days about the offer made by Columbia Pictures and Sony team 007 Spectre to place in the new James Bond film his latest top-end smartphone a Sony Xperia Z4 which was presented a few days ago in Japan

This would not be anything new, beyond the dizzying figures from Sony . 5 million dollars Daniel Craig, another 5 M $ for appearing in the film and 18 M $ over a promotional campaign for the terminal and the tape itself. In fact, Sony had worked for 007 in Skyfall, where the Xperia T was the official smartphone.

The odd thing comes with team’s refusal to use 007 Spectre Sony Xperia Z4 in your movie, and especially the reasons that revealed an email from Andrew Gumpert, head of International Affairs at Columbia Pictures.

Beyond the $ $ factor, there is , as you know May, a creative factor whereby Sam and Daniel do not like the Sony phone for the film (the thinking, subjectively / objectively James Bond Is That only use the “best,” and in Their minds, the Sony phone is not the “best”).

Beyond the money factor, there is, as you know, a creative factor that Sam [Mendes] and Daniel [Craig] do not like the phone from Sony for the movie (thinking, subjective / objective is that James Bond uses only the “best”, and in their minds, the phone Sony is not the “best”).

Surely you may have noticed that Sony would really like marketing hype, but it’s more than likely that advertising responsible for the Japanese company not have done them the same grace to you that that “Sony phone is not the best”, even more so when the information jump to light turning the manufacturer in the laughing stock of half the world.

At the moment it is not known whether Sony will rolled heads for all this, which is very likely, although certainly more repeated among those who follow this market is What smartphone will have chosen James Bond for his new adventure entitled Spectre and we leave the official trailer right here:

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“James Bond uses only the best,” the humiliation of Sony’s most famous agent Hollwood
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May 2, 2015

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