Jamie Lee Curtis returns to ‘Halloween night’ 40 years after


When Gordon Green and Danny McBride declared that your continuation of the fraquicia ‘Halloween’ for Blumhouse would be a sequel and not a reboot, some eyebrows are bow. The ‘Halloween’ by Rob Zombie are not the best films of its director, but the formula works: same monster, current concerning. is why complicate things with a sequel a couple of movies from four decades ago and having to adjust a lot of references?

Well, here is the answer: it’s worth the effort if you have to, Jamie Lee Curtis returning to the role of Laurie Strode that gave him fame in 1978, in the film of John Carpenter set up the figure of the psycho-killer as we understand it today. What has been announced by the own Jamie Lee Curtis from his Twitter account with the words “Same porch. Same clothing. Same trauma. 40 years later. Returning to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween. Premiere the 19/10/18“.

With the announcement just released, the questions begin to multiply: Green and McBride claimed that only would take into account the first two films of the series, which makes sense, but… what about ‘Halloween H20’, the version to the Dimension of the franchise or the cameo in ‘Halloween Resurrection’? Since then, we prefer the following set today, with a Laurie mature but equally terrified that it always (let’s not forget that we are faced with which is, possibly, the best Final Girl of all times), and not some crazy experiment with CGIs rejuvenating

Since we will know the answers, though, one thing we can say for sure: the year and a peak that is until the 19 of October of 2018 is going to make it very long.

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Jamie Lee Curtis returns to ‘Halloween night’ 40 years after
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September 15, 2017

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