Japanese illustrator dies posters Star Wars


  • He created posters for the original Star Wars trilogy, along with those of ‘Godzilla’ eight times, and even the film ‘The Goonies’.
  • Ohrai was known to collaborate on important franchises in the video game industry, as in ‘Metal Gear Solid’

 Vintage Star Wars

Noriyoshi Ohrai, one of the leading illustrators Japanese and responsible for the signage of the original trilogy Star Wars , died at age 79 in a hospital in the prefecture of Miyazaki (southwest) due to pneumonia, as reported Japanese media on Wednesday.

The artist, born in 1935 in the town of Akashi, in Hyogo Prefecture, west of China, died on 27 October, said the official Facebook profile of the author.

His early work focused on the book illustration and newspaper ads. In 1974 he opened his own studio in the city of Miyazaki, the hometown of his wife, where he had moved a year earlier.

His international recognition would in 1980 for his work as an illustrator poster coupon Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back , second of three installments of the original trilogy of American filmmaker George Lucas

In 1980 George Lucas. He found an illustration of Star Wars that Noriyoshi published in a magazine of science fiction and commissioned illustration for the poster of the next episode of the series. In the same year he made the sign of Star Wars:. The Empire Strikes

Among other projects renowned Ohrai was the author of posters eight radioactive monster movies most famous of Japanese cinema, Godzilla and the artist behind the posters of The Goonies ( The Goonies , 1985).

In addition to working as an illustrator in the film industry and literature, Ohrai is known for collaborate on major franchises of the video game industry.

These include his work for the series Metal Gear Solid , the famous Japanese producer Hideo Kojima, and the strategy game series Nobunaga’s Ambition .

News of the death of Japanese illustrator has deepened among his followers around the world on social networks like Twitter, where in one day your name and his illustrations have appeared in more than 2,600 messages.


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