Jenna Coleman leaves of ‘Doctor Who’ for Victoria

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We had a couple of days with the fly behind the ear and have preferred to wait for it to confirm (you know, had painted the “preseason rumor every year”). But at last the chains and the actress herself has been confirmed: Jenna Coleman , our dear Clara Oswald, leave Doctor Who this season

BBC has not aclararado, yes, how high we progress Jenna Coleman, but the rumors (and “tradition”) mark the end of the season as the point of departure. But Coleman will not be much time in the unemployment line, as it has confirmed the title role in a ITV miniseries about Queen Victoria .

Specifically Jenna Coleman will play Queen Victoria of England at the age of 18

In preparation

Via |. RadioTimes and Doctor Who TV

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Jenna Coleman leaves of ‘Doctor Who’ for Victoria
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September 18, 2015

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