Jeremy Irons: “Today we live under the illusion of a democracy is not one”

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  • Jeremy Irons has come to Madrid to promote ‘Night Train to Lisbon’.
  • In the film he plays a teacher who decides to travel the Portuguese capital in search of a man who fought against Portuguese dictator Salazar.
  • The actor has strongly criticized governments and large corporations.

Jeremy Irons

It was the Father Gabriel Mission , the controversial professor Humbert in Lolita , Aramis The Iron Mask , the voice the treacherous Scar The Lion King and Pope Alexander VI in the series The Borgias . It is href=”” target=”_blank”> , one of the most famous and handsome British actors of all time, winning an Oscar for von Bülow Mystery and protagonist of Night Train to Lisbon , a feature film based on the novel which opens on April 16.

This time, Irons gets into the skin of a quiet Swiss classical languages ​​teacher who decides to leave his job to travel to Lisbon in search of a doctor and poet who fought against Portuguese dictator Antonio de Oliveira Salazar. Despite its apparent simplicity, the role has been a challenge for the actor. “The challenge was to do nothing. I mean, we like the actors interpret, and do things, as this role is very demure, had to force myself to do nothing ,” says Irons during his visit Madrid.

Serio and imposing presence with one of those deep voices emerge magnetism, British actor makes it clear that not feel like talking about his personal life. Asked if he has ever obsessed, like his character, by a woman or a book, is simply that what causes obsession is their job. “I suffer one every time I face a new movie. In this sense, from the point of view of work, my life is a series of linked obsessions “he says.

Much more eloquent shown when talking about politics, very critical with governments and large companies. “Today we live under the illusion democracy . Whether go every four or five years to cast a ballot in a ballot box brand not really much difference in our lives. We have no control at all of our lives, our lives control them large multinationals, which are amoral. only have obligations to their shareholders, “says the actor.

” I think governments should I worry about save and defend our intereseses and focus less on the macroeconomy. would have to worry about our quality of life and, above all, try to finish with that huge gap getting bigger between the rich and the poor, “he adds.

Without abandoning the critical tone, to discuss the crisis, Jeremy Irons shows you have a very clear idea about where things should go to end the current situation. “This crisis continues . We say we’re dating, but I think not. Governments just want us to keep buying, buying and buying. believe that if production increases the crisis is over, but I I think not. That is the road to chaos “develops.

” We’re caught in this ridiculous spiral in which large corporations control governments threatening to take your business to a place where it is less expensive. should be controlled to the multinationals, reduce the power they have, forcing them to pay taxes related to profits and that worrying about closing that gap between people who have more and people who have ever less. Otherwise, this will inevitably lead to riots and revolutions “, judgment.

But citizens also have their share of responsibility for this state of affairs. “We have to understand that we live in a world with dwindling resources in which people have to make do with less. We must be increasingly simple people a world increasingly complex ” , exposes the actor before proposing ideas like routines two-day working week and a more equitable distribution of jobs and wealth

His final post on the subject is not very optimistic. “Things have not changed . Those who have been responsible for the crisis are still there. Until we get a new generation that really take the reins, understand the situation and have the courage to implement certain measures, things will stay the same “

Satisfied with his work

Irons was also wet when speaking about the roles in which they felt most comfortable. “I’m very proud of my work in Lolita, The Mission, Dead Ringers , I von Bülow Mystery … and Night Train to Lisbon , sure, “he says. It also has words Borgia , his best-known recent work and ensuring that “one of the best things is being able to wear a skirt almost all the time.”

These preferences do not necessarily have to do with the final quality of each of the films since, according to the actor, “what is remembered is the pleasure, the pain, the hard times, the ups and downs during a shoot . That’s what matters. ” “After that the final product whether or not anything to do with what you remember while you did it is not important. What remains is what you lived while you were doing the movie” adds.

It also highlights the importance of stories like Night Train to Lisbon , which help to understand the story and the world and that, in one way or another affect us. “We all need fiction stories to shake, to move … That’s one of the functions of art,” he says.

widely traveled man, both for his work as his personal interests, nor Irons hesitates to talk about some of his favorite cities which are numerous, beginning with Lisbon itself, which will marveled “his old old architecture, a bit shabby, with that charm demolished, the people who live there, the sense of community is palpable and it’s a thing of great value … “.

” One would like cities for different reasons. For example, Madrid I like the energy . Regarding came here I notice. thing I can also say Seville, although differently. also Barcelona, ​​which is one of my favorite cities, Paris, Venice, Istanbul. New York .. I like, although I do not know if I would live there, Dublin, London, which is great where you have to walk miles of streets before finding an Englishman, “lists the interpreter.

“Last night I got to Madrid and then I caught that smell, that light, that difference. After two or three days and you get used hard, but getting experience and that contrast is the pleasure of meeting different cities, “

Finally concludes., Jeremy Irons ends his speech ahead of anything on their future work “Next year I’m going to do Alfred, Batman’s butler. I get to get into the shoes of Michael Caine, who are some pretty big shoes. In addition, I also have some independent films, but prefieron not talk too much about them because independent films are as feathers go flying in the air , with a gust of wind can disappear. “


Jeremy Irons: “Today we live under the illusion of a democracy is not one”
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April 13, 2014

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