Jude Law is the icing on the cast of ‘Captain Marvel’ and Lizzy Caplan the great unknown of ‘Gambit’


Something very strange is going to have to pass for the cinema of superheroes lose his scepter in Hollywood. It is true that not all works as well as expected of them, but the successes are so plentiful and thunderous that the production of such feature film does not leave to go to more. Now tap to focus on two that we will see shortly, Jude Law just joined ‘Captain Marvel’, while Lizzy Caplan has joined the cast of ‘Gambit’.

As you will recall, Brie Larson was chosen by Marvel to be their Captain Marvel, and since then it has been known that Samuel L. Jackson was going to bring back to life there’s Nick Fury, having also confirmed that Ben Mendelsohn will interpret the great villain of the function. Now the arrival of Law ends to give way to an exhilarating deal that will see how to handle Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the duo behind such titles as ‘Half Nelson’ or ‘The last bet‘ (‘Mississippi Grind’).


Still missing by closing the last details of his agreement with Marvel, but if all goes as planned, the Law will get into the skin of Dr. Walter Lawson, also known as Mar-Vell, who becomes a sort of mentor to the protagonist as she goes discovering his powers. the Geneva Robertson-Dworet has been commissioned to write the latest version of the script, which we know that will place the action in the 90’s, before the rest of the adventures of the avengers with the exception of the first Captain America.

For its part, Caplan –‘Masters of Sex’– is the first signing confirmed for the cast of ‘Gambit’ from hiring Channing Tatum in may of 2014. Many had lost hope that this is a spin-off of the X-Men came to be, but agreement Fox with Gore Verbinski to lead it and gave him new life. Hopefully they will not again be in dry-dock, that in his time took it for granted the presence of seydoux and so late has prevented that it was so.

‘Captain Marvel’ will hit cinemas the march 8, 2019, while the premiere of ‘Gambit’ is now scheduled for February 14, 2019.

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Jude Law is the icing on the cast of ‘Captain Marvel’ and Lizzy Caplan the great unknown of ‘Gambit’
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November 23, 2017

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