‘Jumanji: Next level’: an entertaining sequel that works better when you bet for the comedy

‘Jumanji: Next level': an entertaining sequel that works better when you bet for the comedy

My confidence ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’ was fairly sparse, what was the point of making a sequel so many years after that of the original tape it took little more than the name? Luckily, I was wrong, because the tape directed by Jake Kasdan it was a pleasant surprise to the height of the first part. In addition, worked wonders at the box office, so Sony took very little in giving the green light to a third installment.

In these cases the most usual is to try to play it safe and give the public what they received delighted in their moment. That is the letter that ‘plays ‘ Jumanji: the Next level’, but at least you get to be a good hobby that shines a lot more when you bet for the humor that when you tap to focus on the new adventure that they are living their protagonists.

getting Back to Jumanji

Scene in Jumanji Next Level

The first thing that has to justify the movie is the reason that leads to the same characters to return to Jumanji, something that gives rise to a prologue perhaps more extensive than desired, but that at least doesn’t leave you with the feeling that you have been forced to limits that are questionable because of the struggle to get a few million more at the box office. In addition, it serves to introduce in this universe to Danny DeVito and Danny Glover, very important both to strengthen the side comedian of the function as to give true depth and emotional.

One of the things that we sold the promotional campaign of the film is that the avatars inside the video game would be the same, but that we were going to have changes in terms of who is who. Just starts the game it is clear that the dynamics will be different, both by the complaints of someone who has touched you to be like due to the accidental participation of the characters played by DeVito and Glover.

Devito Jumanji

As expected, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart they reserve that privilege, which enables them to lead the most fun part of the function, especially when special emphasis is that behind them are DeVito and Glover. It is a mood, simple with a slight tendency to repetition, but well handled by the script Jeff Pinkner, Scott Rosenberg and Kasdan, who returns to take care of the staging, where it matters most no breaks of rhythm -if it is for the humor than anything else.

this is able to maintain a freshness to the adventure that presents us with never having. Yes, the “screens” that have been overcome are not the same as in the first, but the feeling of repetition is inevitable in them, and there is no other that enhance the comedy to make it less obvious. There goes that new dynamic as the need to maintain a sense of humor already present in the previous installment.

Below ‘Welcome to the jungle’

Jumanji Level Image

A balance that ‘Jumanji: Next level’ comes out with flying until things are normalized and the factor more of the same wins a presence in the final stretch. There, the film elongates more account for not dropping that component spectacular that you want to give at all times to the adventure, where there can be said to reach to fit in, but visually it is clear that it has been done with some haste to get to the release date announced long before the cameras began to roll. I wish I had been able to work more scenes like a chase in which they seem to do his particular tribute to ‘Mad Max’.

To prevent the thing falling help that several characters go by fitting in with the adventure as it progresses -although I personally would have eliminated everything that happens outside of the game once they enter the same, being especially successful arrival to the saga of the Awkwafina, which will blend into all the time with what the character requires of her. Yes, a pity not to take advantage of the best in the final stretch, which should have given us many more joys and funny.

Image Jumanji Next Level

At least the cast remains the same enthusiasm shown in the first delivery and are not allowed to go to the easy to satisfy the viewer. Obviously there are some nods like the seductive look of Johnson, or the weakness to pies of Hart, but integrated with ease. To change the villain is bland simply because they don’t have the space for the most minimal development.

A pity, especially because Rory McCann already demonstrated as Sandor Clegane in ‘Game of thrones’ that was so much more than an enemy to use and throw. Out there also suffers from the adventure, as it is true that the character of Bobby Cannavale was not the entity enough in ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’, but here it is even more unsatisfactory.

In summary

‘Jumanji: the Next level’ low something level compared to its predecessor for wanting to rely too much on what worked in that. This leads to that the adventure is more monotonous than desirable, but the new members of the cast and the deft use of comedy make this is less evident, at least until he gets his something failed final stretch. is With everything, to pass the time, more than satisfies.

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‘Jumanji: Next level’: an entertaining sequel that works better when you bet for the comedy
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December 10, 2019

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