‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’, a blockbuster routine that improves when he wants to be a parody foolish


Talk about the tendency of Hollywood to marketing with nostalgia at this point it is boring. That if you lack of ideas, that if the decline of creativity, which if childhood raped… all that we already know. It is useless to go on denying the reality of the new status of the remake or reboot constantly because it works as a machine steamroller is advancing ever closer in time. Everything for squeeze out the properties and franchises with some name.

once we passed the tantrum rigor, what we find is that there is nothing to worry about, although pooped on top of your favorite classic, everything is still in place when we take back our beloved original film on dvd. It happens that films that do not consider so much, as ‘Jumanji’ (1995), also already has its audience nostalgic, and has scored a few lives that are already demanding that they recognize that generational representation.


Reflection of the blockbuster more volatile

whether it Is better or worse, ‘Jumanji’ represents an era, the figure of Robin Williams melt an entire fifth of children who saw him as a big brother very higher. And believe it or not, that will happen some day with Dwayne Johnson. Yes, the action hero is more sympathetic, and harum-scarum has a lot of potential to become an icon for the future cuarentones of the morning. Even if it is only by the vast amounts of films that premiered a year.

A good handful of them are remakes, sequels, reimaginaciones or updated versions of something that already existed. And not likely to stop the thing. So yes, all the fears of the lovers of the ‘Jumanji’ original have all the foundation, this is just a version self-conscious, light and with some situations clever here and there. Since then, your approach to tonal is different, so that the taliban can rest easy.


‘Jumanji: welcome to the jungle’ (‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’) he looks at the blockbusters of set pieces almost autonomous of the years 2000. Do not let be a sort of version rudimentary of those substitutes Indiana Jones as ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’, only with a script fast, and autoparódico that gives something to pitch to the demystifying archetypes through the fun and desacomplejadas interpretations of their campus. But as an action-comedy in the jungle, stay with ‘Treasure of the Amazon’ (The Rundown, 2003), which is also called in the beginning ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ and was already an actor known as The Rock.

‘Jumanji 2’: a comedy (un)conscious

So yes, your premise is teen movie soft and highly recommended! (this is the fourteenth time together to ‘The club’ to start an adventure), about the role, organize a game of video game with physical incarnations of the players sounds very ‘Avatar’ (2009), but what is certain is that already in ‘Monsters and mazes’ (Mazes and Monsters, 1982) board games such as Jumanji you allowed it to become one of its characters, although it had the effect of warning against the role.

Also, the legendary short ‘The master of the battle’ film ‘Nightmares’ (Nightmares, 1983) did the same with the recreation, becoming a Emilio Estevez a hero digital. But what is certain is that in this new ‘Jumanji’, the excuse of the video game, it is not too exploited. It is, in fact, a missed opportunity to bring to the fore the possibilities of the medium in the film, however, really hardly used superficially for a few jokes, or as the excuse to pass the level in abrupt changes of scene, something that had already assimilated the blockbusters of the TWENTY-first century without giving any reason.

In the original, at least, this level was a challenge that created a anticipation and tension narrative, who is here practically absent. If to this we add a stage of almost tv series of the nineties, we have a product that meets its commitment to spend the time with humour and constant blows sinvergonzones of a Jack Black in your sauce. There is also a villain when, with surprising details, but what is certain is that the whole is perceived as a product harmless, to use and throw away and quite a few more concessions to sentimentality geek than his shield of comedy canallita intends to sell.

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‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’, a blockbuster routine that improves when he wants to be a parody foolish
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December 22, 2017