Just Eat Red Fridge purchase, according Novobrief

Just Eat The purchase Red Fridge, according Novobrief

As reported by Jaime Novoa in Novobrief Just Eat , the British company serving as an intermediary between restaurants and homes to buy food at home so now, will acquire Red Fridge, the Spanish startup that competes in the same market.

Just Eat competes in 15 markets in Europe and Latin America including Spain, where he had gone to take the led in number of sales bypassing Red Fridge. Red Refrigerator was acquired less than a year ago Rocket Internet, a German conglomerate It operates in the same sector, thus becoming the largest acquisition of a Spanish technology startup. But the acquisition of Rocket not created the momentum, rather the opposite . According to sources of Novoa himself, and Red Refrigerator began losing sales to rival, while Rocket Internet are starting to have trouble bag with a quote well below their highs of a year ago.

So, it would the third acquisition of the London giant in Spain , after acquiring Sindelantal and Food2u, and Just Eat becomes a “de facto monopoly” in the Spanish market for the supply of food home. Something that can affect the restaurants, which saw competition between the two, a reason for improvement continuous conditions and facilities for them, and the customer . Hypertext Since we have been in contact with both companies, and will update the information when we know more details of the acquisition.


Just Eat Red Fridge purchase, according Novobrief
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January 17, 2016

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