Kaboom carries messages that self-destruct to WhatsApp


While rumors that resonate Facebook Messenger may soon incorporate auto- messages, WhatsApp it does not seem to be on the list of immediate improvements. Would you like to send ephemeral messages that disappear by themselves to spend some time? You can accomplish something similar with Kaboom.

Kaboom is the ephemeral messages what Booyah It is to video calls. Install this application, create your ephemeral with text and / or photos message, choose the expiration and immediately send it to the other person WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or other applications. The other person receives a link that will open to view the message. When expires, the message disappears alone


Security, fair

If you think Kaboom can give you a extra layer of security WhatsApp and other messaging applications, better than you would think again. This is an application that serves more as a curiosity or a “fun” way to pass photos and messages from your friends who like a really safe way to send anything.


to begin with, the messages are simply a link that can open and share with others . If you send an important document and your friend X rated, nothing prevents that friend copy the link and pass it on to other friends. All they can see, but the expiration period begins to run from the first time it was opened.

The only way to avoid this is by limiting the message expiration according to views and not by time . That is, rather than erased the message to spend a few seconds, minutes, hours or days, will only be accessible once. This means that that person may have open on your mobile all the time you want.

Another issue are the images. As several users pointed in Google Play, nothing to prevent the other person make a screenshot to save a photo which in theory should disappear. However, it is also possible even save the image from the browser, respecting in this case the size and higher quality than in a screenshot.

In any case, if you are interested in the ephemeral messages and want continue using WhatsApp, Kaboom has a fairly intuitive interface and has the advantage of not need the other person the application is installed. This is only necessary to comment on the messages.

Kaboom - Self-destructing Post

Kaboom – Self-destructing Post 2.0.3

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Kaboom carries messages that self-destruct to WhatsApp
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May 9, 2016

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