Karlheinz Böhm dies, the actor who played Franz Joseph I in the trilogy ‘Sissi’


  • The actor died last Thursday at age 86 after a long illness, at his home in Salzburg.
  • She jumped into fame for his role as Emperor Franz Joseph I in the trilogy ‘Sissi’ with Romy Schneider.
  • His long film career led him to appear in 45 films and numerous plays.
  • Since the 80s, he devoted himself fully to the humanitarian aid organization ‘Menschen für Menschen’, centered in Ethiopia.

 Still one of the Sissi films.

The Austrian actor Karlheinz Böhm, who gained worldwide fame by appearing as Emperor Franz Joseph in the Sissi trilogy , has died at the age of 86 , according to the Austrian news agency APA .

fonts Menschen für Menschen humanitarian organization (Human to Human) , founded by Böhm in 1981, confirmed that the actor died Thursday after a long illness at home in Salzburg.

The actor was the son of famed conductor Karl Böhm , one of the most important twentieth century, and German opera singer Thea Linhard.

Born in Darmstadt ( Germany ) in 1928, Böhm spent most of his childhood in Germany and moved after World War Graz, south Austria , where he finished his high school. First I wanted to be a pianist, but seeing that his talent was not going to reach his father, decided to study acting and was between 1948 and 1976 a successful career that took him to appear in 45 movies and many theater stages.

His incarnation the young Emperor Franz Joseph, with Romy Schneider as Sissi , who did famous worldwide , but never succeeded as an actor to get past that part.

His acting career ended in the early 80s , when he decided to devote himself fully to the aid with your organization Menschen für Menschen , focusing on Ethiopia, where he spent long periods


Karlheinz Böhm dies, the actor who played Franz Joseph I in the trilogy ‘Sissi’
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June 1, 2014

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