Kathy Griffin, the original foul-mouthed is now too racy for television

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We live in a TV where triumph the irreverent humor and Chelsea Handler Samantha Bee , famous for being deslenguadas, satirical and scathing in their respective programs; but, though not enough, both can sin of being too politically correct, especially when compared with what would be the true owner of poignancy on television, if allowed to speak: Kathy Griffin <. / p>

you may not know it because it has its own program and also does comedy specials for Netflix, where many humorists have come to lead, but Kathy Griffin is the largest gadfly that anyone can find . Perhaps that is why few dare to give work; his polemics have been many, and has not apologized for any of them. These are some of his works.

From ‘Suddenly Susan’ to ‘X-Files

While his fame and awards, has won as a comedian and star of her own reality show, you may have seen in some series Kathy Griffin and not remember. His most important role was in “Suddenly Susan ‘, where he was supporting actress during the four seasons that the series lasted.

Suddenly Susan played the best friend in Brooke Shields fiction. Behind the scenes also he made crumbs, but that did not stop contase Kathy everything that happened at the wedding of Brooke and openly speak of this explosive relationship with the tennis player Andre Agassi. Noticeably offended, Shields withdrew the word for years

X Files Kathy Griffin

has subsequently made cameos in shows like X-Files, where she played twin sisters who focused one case weekly, ‘Seinfeld’, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Glee’ and ‘Law & order: SVU’. With none reached particularly relevant , and certainly not the guionizada interpretation that best suits him.

Kathy itself has admitted that monologues and his love of Botox have ruined her acting career.

Record comedy specials televised

it is in improvisation and contact with the public where Kathy Griffin really shows what he can do. His first special was televised on HBO, back in 1996, chain where repeated two years later. In 2004 began with Bravo a long and prosperous relationship for both sides which lasted for a decade, and led to Kathy Griffin to receive the Guinness World Record as many comedy specials broadcast on television for humorist.

Both stressed that only in 2011 came to broadcast four special . They talk about themselves, their second star status and especially their conflicts. It has natural enemies such as Joan Rivers, Barbara Walters and Sarah Palin, whose home came to visit in a chapter of his reality. He has no qualms about skinning everyone who gets ahead, with one exception: it never messes with dead people

If you have an interest in seeing any of these special, you can find some complete in Youtube , and there is a complete list of all special in Wikipedia.

‘My life on the D-List’ takeoff

In 2005, the relationship between Kathy Griffin and Bravo was cemented with ‘ My Life on the D- list ‘(something like “My life as a famous second”), a reality show in the style of’ Alaska y Mario “in which counted the comings and goings of his work, his team, his family and their dogs, that change throughout the seasons.

This program put in front and threw fame that had hitherto not known. Special His comedy Bravo doubled and tripled, published a book and was nominated for an Emmy for best reality show for six consecutive years , the same long program on the air, winning two of they , in 2006 and 2007. even picking up the statuette managed to escape from the controversy.

Many people climb up here and gives thanks to God for this award. I want you to know that no one has had less to do with this God. It has not helped me at all. If he were, Cesar Millan ( ‘The Dog Whisperer’) would be up here with their damn dog. So get them to give you, Jesus, this award is now my God

This program gave us an unforgettable character: Maggie Griffin’s mother, Kathy, involuntary humorist and author of another book born in the heat of the program. His innocence, his good manners that clash with the poignancy of her daughter and her addiction to wine made her co-star of the reality. The last episode of ‘My life on the D-list’ was a tribute to her, but no mistake, his 96 years is alive and engaged in wine .

Kathy decided to stop doing ‘My life in the D List’ when she realized that the program had become too famous for a program that supposedly was about how little known it was.

Anderson Cooper, a Grammy and the future?

Unfortunately, the only appearances of Kathy Griffin on television is now reduced to present the special New Year with Anderson Cooper on CNN , which both have been doing for nine consecutive years ago. Even here it gets rid of the controversy, appearing in his underwear on camera against the cold of Times Square, simulating fellatio presenter and even said “fuck” live.

Kathy Anderson

in 2014 he won the Grammy for best comedy album, what puts halfway EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony). In the last couple of years it has focused exclusively on his tour of monologues around the United States, disappearing almost entirely on television without issuing a new comedy special from 2013.

Some say it is because no network wants to risk a new controversy by Kathy Griffin, but even Netflix, home where everything has a place, wanted to have her. We will all its history, and the hope that at some point the lack of political correctness can again have a prominent place on television.

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Kathy Griffin, the original foul-mouthed is now too racy for television
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July 29, 2016

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