Kevin Welsh transforms photographs hypnotic gifs

Kevin Welsh transforms photographs hypnotic gifs

In the new series of works Kevin Welsh, the young artist replaces the human figure by geometric patterns to create hypnotic and enigmatic gifs.

Born in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, Kevin Welsh is a young photographer interested in collage and possibilities of the digital world. In his new series of works “Moving pictures”, the artist creates an interesting experiment to meet two of his main interests.

” Moving pictures “ the procedure is simple: Welsh trims the human figure some pictures with everyday issues to replace it with geometric patterns that move in a series of stills or frames and save the result in GIF format href=””> . What remains? A hypnotic gif with limited margins of the human figure motion.

Take for example the piece called” Day Dream “. In “Day Dream”, Welsh triangles used two colors that move up and down producing the illusion of an infinite shower. (Do not know how long I stared at her, but something in the picture that works like a kind of white noise to the eyes , right?).

“Holding on for life “, however, the feeling is different. The human figure, lying on the couch, seems to slip by the chair. The same goes for “Definite Darkness”, although here the piece evokes maybe something darker, the idea that who is bathing feels crushed by the water and sinks slowly and inexorably.

“Definite Darkness” (Kevin Welsh)

Do not know about you, but I I have the page Kevin Welsh in my bookmarks and I will tracking it to stay abreast of new works, series and proposals of this young American artist.


Kevin Welsh transforms photographs hypnotic gifs
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February 10, 2015

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