Kingdom Rush finally available on Android, excellent Tower Defense game


unnamed 01 Kingdom Rush finally available on Android, outstanding Tower Defense game

Kingdom Rush, one of the best games Tower Defense of recent years with numerous awards behind on the Web and iOS version , appeared for several days on Google Play on your version of Android for tablets and smartphones .

With a style cartoon graphic design , Kingdom Rush presents frantic gameplay fighting in epic battles and offers a varied and large cast of features: four towers different two special powers, 30 enemy types, 18 different skills to add to your towers, 30 improvements arsenal of towers and power, plenty of achievements to win and an encyclopedia with the pros and cons of the enemies that you find will go through forests, mountains and moors hell.

It is difficult to highlight any element in Kingdom Rush protruding above others because is a near-perfect game , but the gameplay and the difficulty that we get stuck in front of your smartphone or tablet playing it incessantly.

When you come into action and skipping past the first maps in your army will have a hero that you can place anywhere on the map as tactical needs and as you advance, new heroes desbloquearéis that will help you with their incredible talents and skills or ranged attack in melee, such as the Amazon with his arrows or the giant fighter with plenty of life.

 screen April 01 Kingdom Rush finally available on Android, outstanding game Tower Defense

Epic battles ahead

The four available towers Archers, Mages, Barracks and Artillery, will be located at strategic points already chosen in advance by the game and can be upgraded to specialized towers as: Rangers, Paladins, Mages arcane or Torres Tesla adding a total 8 different combinations . As one who have special powers summon soldiers to fight on your side and the other, which will launch a rain of fire on enemies.

Your entire arsenal of towers, heroes and spells can be improved and configured from the main menu by skipping getting stars and progress in the game, with the ability to reset all the points used by reset.

Every facet of Kingdom Rush fall short of a great play, music, special effects, graphics, animation, aesthetics used, difficulty and gameplay. is a perfect game to spend a Sunday afternoon like today, and enjoy it as you should with Tower Defense, and although I must say that there are many games in this style, but Kingdom Rush is right in each of the items getting the most from you exprimáis to keep updating your arsenal and you advance through the different and varied maps Ironhide Game Studio has provided for our enjoyment.

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Kingdom Rush is a welcome surprise in a genre so full of wonderful productions such as Fieldrunners 1 and 2, Robo Defense , Sentinel 3: Homeworld or SoG Modern War. If you want to try before you buy on Google Play, there is a free version on the web that you can play from this link .

Kingdom Rush is available in the Google store for € 1.53 , not translated into Castilian version and the possibility of in-app purchases like new heroes or powers, although it will be very necessary in order to complete this gorgeous, funny and addictive Kingdom Rush.

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Download – Kingdom Rush

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Kingdom Rush finally available on Android, excellent Tower Defense game
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May 19, 2013

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