KitKat Android 4.4 phone with 512MB of RAM thanks to “Project Svelte”

KitKat kit 05 Android 4.4 phone with 512MB of RAM thanks to Svelte Project

One of the most anticipated features for this new version of Android 4.4 KitKat, was the may give some support to older terminals with some hardware components somewhat lower and had excited in Android community, as many could recover old terminals to have to last.

Sundar Pichai in his blog post on Android has confirmed that Android 4.4 KitKat can be installed on devices with 512MB of RAM , as they have optimized the use of the memory and removed certain background services. To name this initiative Google has called the project “Svelte”, which is itself not only a change, but a diverse range of them then we will quote you.

As we have said, are a wide range of changes to the Android API and configurations hardware options designed to KitKat can work perfectly on devices with 512MB of system memory.

According to the Android developer page 4.4, the project begins with Svelte recommendations and options focused on manufacturers Device such as:


  • Tune JIT Dalvik cache
  • kernel

  • SamePage Introduction (KSM)
  • Change to ZRAM
  • Refining processes levels
  • Changes in the size of the graphics cache
  • Claim

  • memory control

general major processes use less memory and protect system memory of those intensive applications. Android also launch existing services in sequence, rather than all at once to anticipate slowdowns.

Now developers have access to the new API ActivityManager.isLowRamDevice, allowing activate and deactivate features in the memory area as needed. Google will be integrating this functionality in its most important applications, so those that you have an even better device will see a benefit in it also.

Svelte Project will not magically make very old terminals are compatible with 4.4, but it will help original Nexus devices like Nexus 7 and 4 without mentioning the next low-end phones to be launched with Android 4.4 to better manage resources and applications that make heavy use of the hardware.

So this project and KitKat Android 4.4 will result in 512MB terminals may have the latest version of Android installed, but not all as at first thought. Even so, a whole great news terminals to retrieve a few years ago .

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KitKat Android 4.4 phone with 512MB of RAM thanks to “Project Svelte”
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November 1, 2013

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