KitKat Android News: Google Voice Assistant Now always listening


One of the most appealing aspects of the iPhone 4S (the time) was the world famous Siri. Without going into details the idea of ​​a / an assistant on your phone is attractive to many. Although many applications have emerged to do similar things in Android the most attention was Google Now . This application replacing Google search on Android we all knew and added components such as newsletters assistant and voice search. After commands were added to Google Now we make life easier, as an alarm set alarm, add an event to the calendar, open an app, search a video, calling someone … But mostly to anticipate the things that we have not asked, as reminders, etc., that is where intelligence and differentiation of Google Now.

The phone at the most has been exploited these facts is the Motorola Moto X. This phone was announced as “touchless” ie you do not need to use it or touch: an architecture for low-power processor (M7) novel integrated, the phone is always listening and phrase orders ” OK Google “wakes up and sends it to the said app .


Google for all

Calm down, do not try to make the long teeth talking about a phone that only sold in USA. I speak of this because Google has announced that the option always listening will be accessible on Android 4.4 Kit-Kat, being already in the Nexus 5 .

I say affordable because it works the same and to work must comply with specific hardware level , so it depends on the manufacturers.

Nexus 5 comes with the option series but is not expected to be the previous Nexus although some cell closest to N5 (such as LG G2) if may perhaps. Google did not clarify what is required to have this option, but we suspect it has to do with the processor reconocimeinto voice has a low power consumption. Yet, unlike the Moto X, you must have the display is on and be on your desktop (this is logical, to avoid cuts to other apps) to start launching commands.


Improvements do not stay on the phone . The application also receives several enhancements . The first of these is that the conversations are no longer unidreccionales: application will ask questions to give even better results . If we say: “call Gabriel” and we have more than one, the app will answer “Which one?”.

Now Google will use also information about things like the series we have sought to give us information that comes close to our interests . Finally in the coming months will release an API for Google results can enlacarse Now with apps installed : if we have fish recipes and recipe application, Google Now look at that app recipes we want to separate from Google. All this combined are turning Google Now in the perfect assistant for the day.

Phones and low power sensors always running , always active, always intelligent, are the new era, not smartphones, if not artificial intelligence, and Google with android, is at the forefront.

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KitKat Android News: Google Voice Assistant Now always listening
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