Koodous is an antivirus that grows with the community

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antivirus They have existed for years and years on computers, and it was not long until they reached the phones, especially those using Android, assuming the companies behind them that would have a field day for a year and years offering their services. Today its popularity is not old, but still survive , yes, to force change.

What happens if you take a social network (as a concept) , an antivirus, you put them both in a shaker and shake until you have sore muscles in your arms? The result is called Koodous, social and Spanish antivirus (only one Spanish and Chuck Norris to be universal, this concept can happen). A proposal that certainly is original

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What is Koodous

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Koodous is, as we said earlier, a social antivirus, and there would be much more history if it were not for this virus evolves by a community of volunteer analysts can be any user who registers. To get an idea, traditional antivirus have a team closed analysts, who work for the developer.

When a user installs Koodous, the app analyzes the device, as would any other antivirus, and the resulting report to servers Koodous where matches would be sought with the antivirus files will be sent. That information would be available to any security expert.

These volunteers analysts would be responsible for analyzing new apps that finds the antivirus and decide whether the application is valid or is a risk to the user.

A year of life and millions of applications analyzed

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This application has just one year of life, although was presented a few days ago at the Black Hat 2016 (the convention most important computer security and held in Las Vegas) by two of the creators members of this application and at the same time, team members Hispasec , a company of Spanish security.

at the time of writing this article in its official website appear 13 million applications analyzed, of which more than 4 million of them they have some sort of malware within . Of course, these figures correspond to installed applications from sources outside Google Play as in the store there is a very strict control and, although some is strained, the danger comes from outside.

it may happen, however, that some malicious analysts can make an innocent application listed as malicious or otherwise, but this is remedied by the fact that the rest of the community is also involved through a system of reputation to score volunteers analysts.

the biggest advantage of this social antivirus is that, thanks to the huge community of volunteer analysts that continues to grow, evolve in a much more fluid than conventional antivirus , which would have to update their signatures continuously, so that as malicious apps mutate to avoid the shields, Koodous adapts faster.

Koodous can function as one second with another antivirus that is the main, but could eventually become a major antivirus as the database (and community) grows . While the idea of ​​another antivirus does not excite me too, this is at least one original proposal.

Koodous Antivirus

Koodous Antivirus

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Koodous is an antivirus that grows with the community
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